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  1. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Hello friends and fans I added new clips and have News !

    Hey guys and gals, I been busy making videos again. I feel so much younger then I did 5 years ago! It is wonderful to be able to make sexy videos again for my fans ! I added new content see below! I been really busy trying to get my garage set up to make more adult videos especially Bdsm...
  2. 0

    A story my wife and I wrote together. BBW Domme

    My wife and I took turns writing this story. Please be patient we are not professional writers and I'm sure there are a lot of mistakes. Any feedback is appreciated. Zack’s first encounter with Betsy blew his mind. It was like all his fantasies came true in one night. He...
  3. Miss Panic in Chicago

    The Panic Room - By Adam Madison - Featuring Miss Panic In Chicago

    “Clang Bang Clang, went the big iron door—” Charlie Manson Far beneath the asylum where the normal crazies were housed, Miss Panic and I tended to our more intimate work with the sexual deviants of society. They were cut off from reality by a single iron door, a barricade to sanity and...