ass smother

  1. jimmmywanng

    Goddess Allie - All Day In My Ass

    Goddess Allie wakes up and plops down with her big bum right on top of you! there's only one problem! you have been shrunk to an inch tall! she smother you in her ass before getting dressed with you trapped between her cheeks! at the end of the day when shes taking a piss she finds you! and...
  2. AATBxxx

    Trapped Into Milah's Ass Smothering Harness Ft Dacey Harlot

    Today's release on AATBCLIPS.COM! ASS SMOTHERING - POWERFUL WOMAN - LESBIAN DOMINATION - ASS FETISH Dacey is trapped in Milah's ass smothering harness, unable to free herself from being wedged in between Milah's plump cheeks due to the restrictive straps buckled around her head and neck. Her...
  3. GoddessLilith

    Goddess Lilith and Goddess D Double Facesitting Fun!!

    We got super gothed up and cute & decided to tease Our real-life partners. We put them BOTH in bondage sleep sacks, side by side, and teased them mercilessly. It got HOT :) Check out the amateur vid we took of it right here...
  4. GoddessLilith

    Facesitting CUCKOLD video!!

    I love getting My best slaves involved in My sex life - tease & denial while locked away in chastity, suffering under My sweaty ass, while Alpha and I enjoy each other!! Watch out, because the chemistry in this clip is so hot you might bust instantly!!
  5. lanaluxor

    No Air for Slave Yogi! *** Forward and Reverse Facesitting/Ass Smothering

    To be of service to Lana, Slave Yogi has to undergo ass smothering training where he's subjected to long periods of denial of air due to Lana's voluptuous ass. Lana warns him - "No air for Slave Yogi!" In this session, Lana does butt drops, raises his small scrawny neck up with her legs while...
  6. Alesya20

    Russian Princess Morgana Face Sitting Scratching Sexy Ass My lovely ass:** 018 Princess Morgana FACE SITTING SCRATCHING Sexy Ass My lovely ass:** 018 Princess Morgana FACE SITTING SCRATCHING (wmv)
  7. lanaluxor

    Lana Luxor: Confined by My Ass Smother K.O

    After forcing her nerdy room mate to have an orgasm, Lana takes advantage of the fact that he is exhausted after blowing a load and has tied him arms down to the bed using restraints. Lana starts off by rubbing her voluptuous juicy ass with baby oil . She then climbs on top of him and plumps her...
  8. lanaluxor

    Lana Luxor - Ass Smothered Cock Control

    Lana lets herself in her nerdy roommate's bedroom while he's asleep. She's wearing white fishnet knee-highs with a matching white g string. She positions his body on his bed - he moves but doesn't completely wake up. Lana then sits her beautiful big ass on his face. Her roommate begins to twitch...
  9. lanaluxor

    Lana Luxor Ass Smothering with Head Scissors

    Lana Luxor recently found out that her nerdy gamer roommate secretly gets off on annoying her because he knows he she will punish him every time by dropping her big round chocolate intoxicating ass up and down on his his face. However this time, Lana is out to tease her roommate and knowing that...
  10. lanaluxor

    Lana Luxor Vs Scorpion: Sensual Smothers

    At Fetish Con, Lana Luxor challenges UK visitor Scorpion to a smothering match which consist of breast, foot, ass, hand and belly smothers! There can only be one winner and as one of the ladies become exhaust with fatigue, the other begins to dominate and finishes her opponent off with a reverse...
  11. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Subliminal Shrinking

    SUBLIMINAL SHRINKING Short and sweet. Just like you'll be. Not quite a proper mind-control, this experience will leave you with a whole new perspective on life. First, I will relax you into a gray area - wiping off the dust of consciousness just enough to melt your mind a little bit...
  12. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Microscopic Man

    MICROSCOPIC MAN CUSTOM: "I want you to pretend I'm really tiny and I MEAN REALLY TINY! I want to be far smaller than small; so small that a city to me could fit on your toe nail. So small that if you took the ring off your finger and set it down it would be so many miles tall that airplanes...
  13. Alesya20

    Two sexy girls torment their girlfriend . They have tied the poor girlfriend and strangle with their asses. Bertie and Julie sit down on the girl's face and stomach and make her gasp. She can’t breathe and resists. Their big asses put pressure on the fragile...
  14. M

    Primal Gym Girls

    Hi everyone, been here for a long time and posted from time to time through the years. Anyway, after years of pondering, I've finally got off my ass and started a clips4sale store - Primal Gym Girls! There's loads of clips up but it's very amateurish, we...
  15. Fetishexhibit

    facesitting from teasedandtortured

    This set is from the clip titled: Face sitting and Chastity featuring Sadie Holmes & Taylor Dawn
  16. KyleChaos

    Dakota Charms Sneaky Facesitting - Kyle Chaos Fetish

    Dakota Charms sneaks out of her boyfriend's room and into mine where she takes off her pants and climbs onto my bed. Dakota flirts for a bit and talks about how she wants to ride my face. She straddles my face with her pink panties and presses down firm with her ass and pussy. She rocks back and...
  17. JulieSimone

    Merry Assmas! Holiday Face Sitting

    Merry AssMas Holiday BBW Face Sitting Julie Simone is lounging with another elf in Santa's workshop. He wants to go back to work and make more toys. Instead, Julie schools him on an even better holiday than Christmas - Merry Assmas! Julie explains it's becoming harder and harder to find a...
  18. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Try to Resist 2

    Look at this adorable flashback to 2010! TRY TO RESIST - WHILE I SIT ON YOUR FACE! Try...just try. Try to resist, you slave. you're a slave to your dick, and I own your dick. you're a slave to Me, because I own your mind. you won't last 10 minutes, you meat stick! To make it even more...
  19. R

    Pussy Smothering; I'm Just Going to Ride Your Face You’re just a toy to me. I’m going to put your place and show you that by cramming your face in my pussy and smothering you when you don’t have a choice...
  20. R

    You are the Property of my Big Booty (Smothering) Mmmm… What a good boy you’ve been! You did such a god job learning to worship my ass all day, I’m going to let you cum for me now but on my terms. That means...