ass worhip

  1. Z

    Chinese Girl Loves Smothering

    The following story is a recent chance encounter I had. I changed the names of myself and the other person involved, as well as changing a few minor details (like locations and time). Everything is true except for those minor changes, and I still can't believe it happened either. I am a senior...
  2. M

    MetroFetishModels Facesitting/Ass Smother Thread

    Metrofetishmodels ( returns with soft booties for ass lovers! First up? Cherry Morgan! Starring in: A Movie Date with Cherry Morgan's Ass Knowing he's late for a movie date, Kyle tries to sneak into the house, but Cherry Morgan stops him immediately and punishes him...
  3. lanaluxor

    Lana Luxor: Confined by My Ass Smother K.O

    After forcing her nerdy room mate to have an orgasm, Lana takes advantage of the fact that he is exhausted after blowing a load and has tied him arms down to the bed using restraints. Lana starts off by rubbing her voluptuous juicy ass with baby oil . She then climbs on top of him and plumps her...
  4. MadameSays

    MADAME SAYS - C4S Top Seller - Red Thong Face Sit

    This clip is currently at No. 2 in the Clips4Sale Facesetting Top Clips category, can we get it to No. 1? Red Thong Face Sit Slave's face was made for Me to sit on with My big round booty and I love teasing him by wearing a tiny red mesh thong so he can smell My sent and feel My wetness but he...
  5. brazilfeet

    Lais Humiliated By Brunettes Smelly Farts Pt.2

    Lais Humiliated By Brunettes Smelly Farts Pt.2 Evil Angela and Mel Costa dont stop farting on their slave nose and mouth and the poor girl is obeyed to smell everything. They laugh a lot while fart on Lais face. GREAT SCENES OF: FARTING, LESBIAN AND BIG BUTTS!!!
  6. brazilfeet

    Barbara Lee First Ass Worship Pt.2

    Barbara Lee First Ass Worship Pt.2 Barbara Lee is evil and keeps obeying her slave to lick very hard her big ass. Shirley has a big tongue and licks without stop her Domme sweaty ass letting her very horny. HOT SCENES OF: ASS LICKING, BIG BUTTS AND LESBIAN!!!
  7. brazilfeet

    Jennifer Avilla Lactant Lesbian Domination Pt.2

    Jennifer Avilla Lactant Lesbian Domination Pt.2 Hot Jennifer Avilla is horny while Melissa swallows the milk from her big tit. Then the submissive slave licks a lot her Domme big ass and pussy. GREAT SCENES OF: TIT WORSHIP, ASS LICKING AND PUSSY LICKING!!!
  8. R

    You are the Property of my Big Booty (Smothering) Mmmm… What a good boy you’ve been! You did such a god job learning to worship my ass all day, I’m going to let you cum for me now but on my terms. That means...
  9. R

    POV-ish Facesitting: Every Breath of Yours Belongs To Me! Each breath you take belongs to me, slave and I’m going to show that to you. I hope you’re ready for your next challenge, it’s going to be brutal but...
  10. R

    Breath Control Training SLAVE!! Are you ready to be my chair? You better be because there isn’t a choice from here. Hehehe. I Why did I even ask? can see you twitching with anticipation...
  11. R

    Clip: Fight for Every Last Breath!

    See "Fight for Every Last Breath" Here (clips4sale)! or Here! on! I’m just in the mood to relax and hearing a slave gasp for air under me fills me with such joy. It doesn’t trouble me when I hear him pant or groan, in fact I don’t really care. Sometimes I enjoy it, especially if...
  12. B

    Worship Mistress Ass

    Mistress Cherokee has her submissive Jay Star worshiping her tits, to change things up, she bends her over for light paddling and some pussy rubbing before demanding Jay to her knees to worship and lick her ass.
  13. G

    Worship these Goddesses FREE 5 MIN VIDEO (POV, JOI, Humiliation, Ass Worship)

    The term 'Goddess' is over-used these days.. However the Dominas in this video are just that... Goddesses. If you are ready to convert to a new religion and truly worship a higher being, then play this video on loop, as you log on to and submit your application to your new...
  14. M

    Human Furniture Footjob PICS!

    Hey guys check this hot new domination footjob In HD at
  15. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Sweet and Innocent in black sheer NOT

    A teaser for you Big Girl lovers Because I know you want to worship my ass! want more go here
  16. Y

    Ass Worship Lesson

    It is a beautiful hot Sunday and all what I want to do is to be lazy, roll around, stretch and have My ass worshiped in many different positions. Come close My ass slave, I will train you how to lick My ass, kiss My ass, tickle My ass with the tip of your tongue. Cover My ass with your kisses...
  17. Y

    Lick My sweaty ass!

    Now, it's the time to clean My sweaty after the workout ass. First, I like the ass cheeks to be licked clean and then My ass crack - just the way I've taught you. Lick that sweat off properly and when you are done, I want you to bite on My ass. I enjoy when you are massaging My ass with small...