1. lanaluxor

    Milah Romanov Dominates Lana Luxor: Girl on Girl Facesitting

    Exxxotica weekend in New Jersey brings the biggest names of porn and fetish to participate in their expo - including the one and only Milah Romanov - one of the biggest names of facesitting fetish. Lana and Milah have known each other for awhile and have always maintained a cordial relationship...
  2. lanaluxor

    No Air for Slave Yogi! *** Forward and Reverse Facesitting/Ass Smothering

    To be of service to Lana, Slave Yogi has to undergo ass smothering training where he's subjected to long periods of denial of air due to Lana's voluptuous ass. Lana warns him - "No air for Slave Yogi!" In this session, Lana does butt drops, raises his small scrawny neck up with her legs while...
  3. Alesya20

    Russian Princess Morgana Face Sitting Scratching Sexy Ass My lovely ass:** 018 Princess Morgana FACE SITTING SCRATCHING Sexy Ass My lovely ass:** 018 Princess Morgana FACE SITTING SCRATCHING (wmv)
  4. brazilfeet

    Clean My Black Sweaty Ass, White Bitch! Pt.2

    Clean My Black Sweaty Ass, White Bitch! Pt.2 Hot Mistress Naira is very horny while her slave tongue works in a hot and nasty scene licking all her sweaty ass. HOT SCENES OF: ASS WORSHIP, BIG BUTTS AND INTERRACIAL!!!
  5. PSarah

    Sarah Diavola's New Clips

    ALL I WANT FOR XMAS, I GET! I get whatever I want for Christmas. I don't care if I've been naughty or nice - Santa's My bitch. What have I done this year? I've made boys eat My tampons, drink My nectar, go to sleep under My ass, abuse and ruin their dicks and balls, endure My mean...
  6. lanaluxor

    Lana Luxor: Confined by My Ass Smother K.O

    After forcing her nerdy room mate to have an orgasm, Lana takes advantage of the fact that he is exhausted after blowing a load and has tied him arms down to the bed using restraints. Lana starts off by rubbing her voluptuous juicy ass with baby oil . She then climbs on top of him and plumps her...
  7. lanaluxor

    Lana Luxor Ass Smothering with Head Scissors

    Lana Luxor recently found out that her nerdy gamer roommate secretly gets off on annoying her because he knows he she will punish him every time by dropping her big round chocolate intoxicating ass up and down on his his face. However this time, Lana is out to tease her roommate and knowing that...
  8. lanaluxor

    Lana’s Extreme Ass Smothering

    41 minutes of jam packed luscious face sitting/face riding!!!! Lana Luxor decides to punish her very annoying nerdy, gamer roommate by tricking him into her bedroom by stealing his portable video game handheld. While wearing a sexy one piece leopard print leotard, she lures him on to her bed...
  9. D

    Upskirt my friend took of me ;)!

    my friend took those upskirt of me and i thougth they were pretty hot and felt like sharing them to see what people think ;) hope you enjoyed, tell me what you think ;)
  10. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Flip Flop Thong Slap 2

    FLIP FLOP THONG SLAP 2 Watch Me flip flop flap flap all the way up and down the lane! There's not a lot of dialogue, if any, in this - just the way My eyes and lips speak to you without saying a word. And sign language. The naughty kind. Even when I'm a cute little brat, I'm simply...
  11. Z

    True Story

    I am happy to report that I have officially had my first femdom/facesitting experience and will hopefully have many more to come. That being said, it doesn’t really compare to a lot of stories on here. Its awkward at times, and it happened a few hours ago. What follows is completely true, and...
  12. MissMinaBBW

    BBW PAWG Fart Compilation #5

    Download my BBW PAWG Fart Compilation #5 video at your fav clip sites: GodMotherOfAss Many Vids Store I Want Clips NEW: Really want to get to know me? Become a member of MV Crush & get behind the scenes pics & videos, notes & more from me here...
  13. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Leg Bait

    LEG BAIT I know how to catch My prey. My bait is irresistible, and I catch white whales along with an entire ocean of swimmers. Even if you keep trying to resist, it creeps up on you. Insidious. Luscious. Seduction. I am an expert Manipulatrix at the top of My craft. I am the Cock...
  14. maxsgpin

    NEW VIDEO #106 Foot and reverse facesitting

    NEW VIDEO #106 Foot and reverse facesitting domination and humiliation Females use many ways to mantain the ennemy pinned on floor. Here you can enjoy the reverse facesitting were the sitting visctress uses the power of her dominant ass to humiliate her victim. Also feet are good weapons to...
  15. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Ass Up Ignore 2

    ASS UP IGNORE 2 CUSTOM: "-For 10 minutes, I want you to ignore me while either reading a book or on your phone. -Be in the same pose as the pic attached. -of course film yourself from behind like in the 'back view and angle' pic attached here also. -You can use that stool from the 'back...
  16. MissMinaBBW

    BBW Ass Worship & Tongue Riding Eat My Perfect Goddess Asshole

    Download my BBW Ass Worship & Tongue Riding video at & Save BIG $ & buy a video membership. Watch almost 300 of my hottest porn videos & get regular updates for one low price. No BS. Go here: For...
  17. Platinum Puzzy

    New REAL farts on

    I have been doing compilation videos for the past couple of years, collecting and putting together the short videos of actual bursts of gas from my huge ass. Some are first thing in the morning as I awake, others are on set while I am shooting, I have even have one on cams while I was in the...
  18. G

    Tribute to TEKKAR, Cherie and Goldmund enter the paradise...

    Fanfiction to tekkar's Femina Island Tales. My first english story… How Goldmund was trapped on Femina Island. Goldmund is a really old fashioned German name, nearly no one used it since about 1750. (estimated by author) Except some aristocrats that tend to funny names to torture their...
  19. MissMinaBBW

    Face Down Fat Ass Up Asshole Spreading Puckering Fat Wet Pussy Gaping

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  20. MissMinaBBW

    Perfect BBW Bubble Butt Ass Worship JOI

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