1. gdogg04

    Best Facesitters in Atlanta

    I've looked at various sites, including, but I figured I'd get the best answers from the experts at this site. If anyone has experienced with domms and/or escorts in the Atlanta area, Id appreciate their recommendations for the best facesitting experience possible.
  2. NatalyaSadici

    LAST CALL for Special Guests DomConATL

    DomCon Atlanta is almost upon us! This is the final call for those who'd like to attend as a special guest. Email Maitresse Renee at! For more information about DomCon Atlanta, go here:
  3. S

    Atlanta local facesitting club

    Imagin a club where the women out number the guys 2 to 1. And the guys are assigned a postion on a couch or the floor. And they can only pay complaments to the ladys as they ignore the men and socialize with the other women( while sitting and standing on the men. The men would have to pay a...