ball busting

  1. NatalyaSadici

    Bound, Busted, and Tears

    The following clip is now available for purchase at Sadici Studios Bound, Busted, and Tears I want his balls to compliment the royal purple of My window treatments. Using his collar to firmly bind his dangling bits, I put My slave into a bit of a predicament. If he throws back his head in pain...
  2. NatalyaSadici

    Ball Slapped For Negligence

    The following video is now available for purchase at Sadici Studios Ball Slapped For Negligence It's paramount slaves learn a Mistress's protocol, tastes, and behaviors that won't be tolerated. During the first day of training I mention leaving the toilet seat up is a grievous error. This...
  3. AATBxxx

    Bratty School Girls Destroy Balls Ft. Miss Roper & Maria Jade

    NEW today on MISSROPER.COM... BALLBUSTING - BALL ABUSE - BRAT GIRLS - DOUBLE DOMINATION The love, the enjoyment I have for and receive when destroying the worthless sack that dangles in between a quivering male's legs is clear. But when I have the opportunity of sharing this pleasure with a...
  4. normbob

    'Ballbusting in the cave' from Brutal Divas

    Hi everybody, In this clip the stunning SAPHIRA is more sadistic than ever as she dishes out litterally dozens of brutal kicks in the slave's balls. Tied-up and defenceless, he has no other choice but to take it all. We're talking about FULL-POWERED kicks in the groins here! The boots are...
  5. 0

    BJ and Travis, a BBW dominates an old flame

    Travis and Betty Jo met each other for the first time when they were both 18-year-old high school seniors. Travis was a short stocky country boy and was known as a partier. He had no plans after graduation, he enjoyed living life on a whim. Betty Jo was taller than most girls in her class. She...
  6. Furetto

    The Hammer and The Bench Vise (Fetish Obsession for CBT)

    New Video available at This is probably the craziest video we have ever filmed about CBT. Do you like to have your balls and your cock totally abused? If so, we think that you'll love this clip! Misia Marelli will use two different...
  7. Furetto

    Ball Kicking and Hammer Torture (Fetish Obsession for Ballbusting and CBT)

    Video at Fetish Obsession This is another clip taken during a BDSM session «chez» Misia Marelli - alias Lady The Witch - one of the most famous (and cruellest) italian mistress. We can assure it was a very hard and painful session...
  8. Furetto

    Balls Massacre (Fetish Obsession.. for balls demolition!)

    Video at This video is taken during a morning BDSM session «chez» Misia Marelli - alias Lady The Witch - one of the most famous (and cruellest) italian mistress. The victim is - as usual - a leather pants lover, who is able to withstand...
  9. Furetto

    The Sadistic Duo Whipping and Ball Kicking (Fetish Obsession)

    New Fetish Obsession video available at This clip is taken from a very long bdsm session with a leather pants lover and a maso slave too, who simply loves hard whipping and ball busting. Misia Marelli «The Witch» and her sadistic friend...
  10. Furetto

    Small Cock in Blu Female Panties (Fetish Obsession for Sissy Training and Ball Abuse)

    New Video at Fetish Obsession Look at this nice small dick with his blu female panties, isn't him so nice? So nice that I really like to punch him, slap him and crush him under my heels. Black pv boots for my fucking slaves! Here some pics
  11. JulieSimone

    Ball Punching Double Team - Jen X & Julie Simone

    Miss Jen X and Julie Simone double team a slave's most sensitive pair of parts - his balls! The two Sadistic Mistresses take turns punching his balls over and over again, laughing all the while. Both Women wear leather gloves - Julie Simone's are above the elbow, Jen X's gloves are wrist...
  12. donatien

    Bollocks destruction with heavy weight - Oh my goolies

    Bollocks destruction with heavy weight - Oh my goolies To destroy bollocks of your maso with weights: To measure sizes of balls with a caliper. Then calculate the resistance of balls for the maximum stretching. If your maso resists, also insist on the weights! It make great pain, he cry "Oh...
  13. AATBxxx

    Busted To Tears - Brutal Ballbusting

    Category: BALLBUSTING Related Categories: BALL ABUSE, FEMALE DOMINATION, CBT, DOMINATION Keywords: Miss Roper, Toby Springs This is hands down, my most ruthless ballbusting video yet... When Toby Springs decided to venture to my place to film, he never imagined himself getting caught in my...
  14. NatalyaSadici

    Ball Bust-a-thon

    The following video is now available for purchase at Ball Bust-a-thon There's nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. No matter what, your balls are Mine! In this 45 minute compilation Mistress Natalya Sadici kicks, knees, and punches Her...
  15. PSarah

    Sarah DiAvola Owns your Balls

    THROWBACK WEEK: Sarah DiAvola Owns your Balls This is actual footage from a real ballbusting session. Watch as I privately, one-on-one, abuse this boy's balls. First, I perch beautifully on a soft chair and kick my stocking-clad feet up against his exposed balls - which I've restrained...
  16. NatalyaSadici

    Bound and Kicked

    The following video is now available for purchase at Bound and Kicked What happens to slaves who play with themselves without permission? Mistress Natalya Sadici has had enough of these sorts of infractions. To ensure Her slave doesn't fall over, She has tied him...
  17. Q

    I Love The Feeling

    I love the feeling of having a man's genitals under my foot. I love knowing that if I chose to I could ruin his manhood. I have my full weight on his nuts and start bouncing on them. At the end I make him cum while I crush his nuts. For more
  18. Q

    Where They Belong

    So I tell him this is amazing, do you know how good this feels? This is adzactly where your genitals belong, beneath my feet. I just love it so much. I could go on like this all day long. Every woman should know how good this feels and so should every man. I step on and stomp all over his...
  19. slavepj1963

    Madame Catarina-Ball Busting-The Entire Movie Busting the Balls - ENTIRE MOVIE (mp4) (also available in HD mp4, HD wmv and wmv) SAVE MONEY BY DOWNLOADING THE ENTIRE MOVIE Story: The stunningly beautiful Madame Catarina has a problem with a slave who is not only very horny but also he...
  20. lilu_hotty

    Miss LiLu - the NutsCracker

    Hello After that video i am sure i can get the title - the NutsCracker! I am sure it will blow your mind off! If you like BallBusting - u have to see it: i think i killed the balls of that slave! The balls are totally scrambled! BTW i broke my boots as well, here is an...