ball crushing

  1. Jewel

    Elena crushed his balls under her amazing metal heel mules and lets him cum on them and lick them cl What a lucky slave! he gets his balls stepped and stood on under Elenas amazing feet and super hot yellow metal heel mules... then when he can take it no longer she allows him to blow his huge load all over her heels and...
  2. Jewel

    Elena crushes his balls, tramples him and forced him to worship her sexy feet and shoes! Elena crushes his balls under her spiked heel t straps and then tramples him... crushing his balls some more and forced him to worship her beautiful feet and shoes for sparing his useless nuts!
  3. Jewel

    Elena is at it again trampleing his balls and cock with some seriously sexy thin sole strappy sandal

    Elena is at it again trampleing his balls and cock with some seriously sexy thin sole strappy sandals she gives his balls and cock a good hard work out under her sexy spiked heel sandals part way through its time to worship...
  4. Jewel

    Elena uses her perfect bare feet to trample, abuse his cock and balls, and milk her slave dry!

    Elena uses her perfect bare feet to trample her slave, abuse his cock and balls, force him to worship them and milk him dry all over them! Elena starts out with her slaves big vein laden cock on her trample board smashing his...
  5. Jewel

    Full weight ball crushing with the heels of my pumps Check out more at my new site!
  6. tramplemania

    Crystal’s Cock & Ball Trample POV

    Crystal’s Cock & Ball Trample POV Crystal has very sexy, high arches and smooth long toes and feet. She stands her slaves cock and ball and crushes them like worms. She crushes his balls barefoot as his load is sprayed all over the floor.This great cock & ball crush clip is AVI encoded at...
  7. L

    First time ball stomping

    My friend and I took turns stomping on him and at the end I was just bouncing my heels up and down on his balls. I didn't realize he came till I heard my friend laughing and looked down to see he squirted on his own stomach! He put up with a lot of torture that day so he earned that orgasm, ;)...
  8. M

    Is there a doctor in the house? CASTRATION!

    My slave has been begging me to castrate him for years. It is our 8 year anniversary next month and he has been such a good boy and I've been thinking, "who am I to continue to deny him?" So I'm wondering if there are any real doctors (not role players) that would be willing to guide me in...
  9. supremekn

    GODDESS RACHEL - Very violent video

    GODDESS RACHEL by YOUNG GODDESS CLUB BALLBUSTING SESSION Samples from her video BALLBUSTING SESSION currently on-line. More about Goddess Rachel :
  10. supremekn

    Goddess Rebela - Ballbusting Garage - Young Goddess Club

    Goddess Rebela and Goddess Vika - BALLBUSTING GARAGE Some samples from the HD movies currently on-line on More about Rebela and Vika :
  11. supremekn

    Goddess Rebela - Ballbusting Garage - Young Goddess Club

    Goddess Rebela et Goddess Vika - BALLBUSTING GARAGE Le mécanicien n'a qu'une idée en tête : se taper les deux jeunes touristes étrangères à pas cher dont la Mini Cooper est tombée providentiellement en panne à quelques encablures de son garage. Il leur propose un "arrangement" pour payer la...
  12. supremekn

    Goddess Rebela - Ballbusting Garage - Young Goddess Club

    GODDESS REBELA and GODDESS VIKA - BALLBUSTING GARAGE Some samples from the HD video currently on-line. BALLBUSTING LOVERS WILL GOT NUTS! More about Goddess Rebela and her friend Vika :
  13. P

    Cheater gets his balls squeezed- cheyenne jewel!

    PC Guy messed up again, only this time with the new love of his life CHEYENNE JEWEL. She found a number she didn't recognize on his cell phone and called it. "WHO'S SAMANTHA!?" She asks. When he says a friend's girlfriend, she knows he's lying and proceeds to take PC's pants off and is...
  14. S

    Ballbusting lovers will go nuts !

    The magnificent Rebela has found a companion in ballbusting. Nikolas loves to be busted, and that’s just great : Rebela loves people who are willing to have their nuts broken to bits. Ballbusting lovers will go nuts ! Some free pics for young cruel feet collectors...
  15. S

    Une vraie casse-couilles !

    Nikolas a de la chance : il est tombé sur une petite furie qui adore les mecs qui adorent se faire casser les bonbons. Quelques photos pour les amateurs de ballbusting. Goddess Rebela, modèle exclusif sur
  16. E

    Ball Crushing Boots - POV

    Ms. Elena loves nothing more than to crush your balls with her brand new thigh high boots. She is sitting on Her couch all shiny in her PVC, lace-up heels talking about all the ways she likes to relax while watching you squirm and cry in pain under her feet. Now available on my clip store!
  17. flapjak

    Ultimate Super Ball-Bust Double Stomp Crush

    WOW!!!! :clap: I have seen a lot of hard ball-busting videos, and more cock-stomping vids than I ever wanted to watch, but NONE of those models do what this girl does! Perfect bulls-eye, and he is really in pain... the only way she could "improve"...
  18. M

    Squishing in Stockings + trailer

    Now @ (Crush Kick Destroy) Squishing In Stockings This is the long lost THIRD and final part in the boots on balls series. For the first 1-2 minutes Varla finishes stepping on slave's balls with her stiletto boots, BUT she is not quite done causing his...
  19. M

    Balls crushed and spurred foot&Boot Torture

    Forced CBT Jerkoff I free my Slaves hands and instruct him to stroke his cock. Placing a surgical cord around his balls and stretching them across a wooden block below. Slaves balls can not escape now, I slowly put my full weight wiggling my toes, asking slave how does that feel? It feels...
  20. M

    Addicted to high Arches

    My slave is bound with Rope, tied and knotted- making it impossible for him to escape. I begin rubbing my high arches across his cock and balls teasing very slow and sensually. Slave seems to be getting too much pleasure and not enough pain. I think this will feel really good pointing my toes...