ball slapping

  1. NatalyaSadici

    Strung Along(CBT)

    The following clip is now available for purchase at Strung Along The swollen and aching balls of Mistress Natalya Sadici's slave are tied up. With a latex gloved hand She pulls hard on the CBB rope. Saying he'd, "do anything" to earn a release after 60 days in...
  2. E

    Ball Busting from Behind

    This slave has had the audacity to think I would ever use My gorgeous thigh-high, black pvc, high-heeled boots to bust his balls. He is ready and waiting bent over the horse w/ the back of his balls completely exposed. He won't be getting anywhere near My boots or matching top, skirt or corset...
  3. M

    Filling both of ur Slutty Holes

    This is the conclusion to "Slut Training" Part1 I believe you need more practice to improve your cock sucking skills- you must be perfect it in time for the party. Yes, Goddess as he eagerly sucks my strapon. I'm going to shove my cock all the way down your throat and you better not gag. Slave...