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    HARD spanking over pink spandex shorts F/F bare bottom OTK

    Sometimes it's hazardous to your health not to clean up your messes, especially when you are a guest in someone else's home - even if you do have your own room there while you visit! To watch this video, please click this link which will give you a number of options for your viewing pleasure...
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    Wooden Spoons OTK

    I have one chore for this boy, do the dishes while I am at work. Yet when I come home I find all of my wooden spoons and spatulas just laying on the counter and the boy is masturbating! I take him over my knee, starting w/ my bare hand I spank his bottom to a nice warm red. Too remind him that...
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    SpankoTherapy: F/f spanking discipline REAL

    From Ms. Kane Angel's Spankotherapy: Excessive Spending Episode One in the new series Angel's Spankotherapy: Excessive Spending Angel has come to me, asking for help with some real-life issues. We spend several minutes discussing her spending behavior, then she timidly goes over...
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    Domina Nyx makes Angel runs the gauntlet

    Angel Runs The Gauntlet Part 1 HD .WMV Angel is put through an intense trial as Mistress has her lay out all of the implements that she dislikes the most, then positions her on the bed over a mound of pillows so that her bare behind is straight up in the air and a ready target. Her Mistress...
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    Domina Nyx spanks femsub in "Time to Clean"

    Angel's been given a list of things to do around the house.. Unfortunately for her, she decides to to clean Domina Nyx' bed...while she's sleeping in it. DN wakes with a start, and takes Angel across her knee for a long OTK spanking, improvising spanking implements out of the very cleaning tools...
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    "Time to Think" F/f domestic punishment kneeling on rice/spanking

    Angel comes out of the bathroom dressed in the clothes DN has given her, and is told to kneel on a pile of rice near the fireplace. DN then tells her this is where she will be considering her "very important decision", and begins to crop her and hand spank her - first over her frilly black...
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    You annoy Me Worm

    Check out this upskirt shot from one of the newest faces at the jwties network.