bare feet

  1. HoustonFetish

    Trampled by Stephanie

    This friend recently found out about my fetish and was actually excited to try this out :) She has THE softest feet I've ever had the pleasure to massage
  2. HoustonFetish

    The Stomping Twins

    Darcy and Dancy were twins that I knew back in the day. They were mischievous ladies who’d learned of my trample fetish through a few conversations. They came over to hang out one day when I was working from home. I still had a few things for work to finish off, so they made themselves at home...
  3. HoustonFetish

    Audrey Rose - Barefoot Trample

    I have full sets of Audrey in my blog :) It's always free to subscribe and check out the goodies
  4. HoustonFetish

    Know your place - Foot Cuckold story

    More stories on my blog! This day started like any other, with me rising early, preparing the office for the day, brewing coffee and finally kissing her soles gently to awaken her for the day. We were both busy at our desks when she started telling me about the messages she was receiving from...
  5. MadameMarissa

    Brutal trampling trio (CONVERSE trampling)

    In this clip I team up with Madison and Virginia - and we're starting off by trampling the slave under our sneakers. We walk, stomp and jump all over his body and make sure to hurt him badly. Madison even takes Virginia on her back to trample the slave under both their weight :D After a while we...
  6. GoddessLilith

    Goddess Lilith Foot Fetish & FemDom Videos!!

    Hey foot fans! I have so many foot fetish, trampling, and FemDom videos to post over the next month, that I figured I'd better make ONE big thread for them! So without further ado... I'd like to let you all know that I have just put up a GIANTESS POV barefoot video! I'm wearing a sexy red...
  7. Q

    What Shoes To Wear Out

    I need you to help me. I am going out this evening and I am undecided on what shoes I would like to wear out, So I am going to model some shoes for you. I go through five different pairs of shoes. I walk around a little, pose them and put my feet up close so you can really see them well...
  8. tramplemania

    Crystal’s Barefoot Perfection 1080p (Full HD) - New

    Crystal’s Barefoot Perfection 1080p (Full HD) Crystal is 24 years old college student with perfect silk soles, high arches and pink polished toes. She shows her feet, soles and arches off when she checks his emails on her PC. You will feel her fragrance of her super sexy feet. This great...
  9. tramplemania

    What do you think about Diana's 9 Size Slender feet?

    Diana is our new foot model. She is 5 feet 9 inches - 177 CM 130 LBS - 59 KG Her shoe size is 9 Let me know what you think? :) You can see more Diana's Sexy Feet at: Diana's Sexy Feet
  10. tramplemania

    A White Angel’s High Arches Sexy Soles (Full HD)

    A White Angel’s High Arches Sexy Soles (Full HD) Barbara wears white outfits today and seems like an angel.. She is tall, yet has small 7 size feet. She shows off her sexy feet, meaty soles and high arches. If you like high arches and meaty soles, don’t miss this clip. This great soles show...
  11. tramplemania

    Leah’s Crushes 2 Giant Eggplants under her Sexy Bare Feet (Full HD)

    Leah’s Barefoot Eggplant Crush (Full HD) Leah is one of the best models in our studio. She has perfect shaped feet, high arches, 6 size small, yet powerful feet & pink soft soles. She has red polished toes in this video. She crushes giant eggplant under her sexy bare feet. She crushes them...
  12. tramplemania

    Crystal’s Sexy Soles Show - Full HD - New!

    Crystal’s Sexy Soles Show (Full HD) Crystal has lovely high arches and perfect feet. She shows her perfectly pedicured bare feet and sexy soles when she rests in the chair. She loves foot fetish very much and like showing her feet off. You’ll feel the fragrance of Crystal’s perfect feet in...
  13. tramplemania

    Elisa’s Barefoot Oily Soles Show - Full HD

    Elisa’s Barefoot Oily Soles Show Elisa is our new foot model who has meaty and wrinkled soles. She shows her oily soles off in this video. If you like meaty soles, this clip is for you, you will feel the fragrance of her nice soles in this close-up video. This great oily soles show clip is...
  14. tramplemania

    Crystal’s Perfect Feet & Toes - Full HD

    Crystal’s Perfect Feet & Toes - Full HD Perfect feet & Toes. Crystal has lovely high arches and perfect soles. She shows her perfectly pedicured bare feet and soles for her slaves. She loves foot fetish very much and like showing her feet off. You’ll feel the fragrance of Crystal’s perfect...
  15. F

    Mistress B - You Were Born To Kneel Before Me

    The sight of Mistress B's gorgeous feet and shiny pants really does make me feel like an inferior bitch who belongs on my knees. As always, Mistress B is so amazing at luring out these feelings and bringing us to the edge as she describes the details of worshiping her feet and sucking her toes...
  16. GoddessNatasha

    Feet on his face

    More stills from My foot worship videos featuring My petite size 6 feet! Stop by My Clips4Sale Studio for more foot worship and previews Wickedly Goddess Natasha
  17. D

    Giantess Layla Moore

    After a LONG day of kicking, trampling and stomping slave ass, balls and body; Domina Supreme Kirashan’s new friend Giantess Layla Moore needed to relax. Domina Supreme Kirashan turns Giantess Layla Moore onto her secret way of treating her feet to something soft and plush. Domina Supreme...
  18. D

    Does it matter to you?

    When it comes to the subject of trample, does it matter what/who is being trampling or is it the act it self? I have been curious for some time, personally I just love the feel of something/someone under foot. Though, I only enjoy trampling messy things if there is someone to clean my feet...
  19. czsole123 Sexy chick barefeet pedicure

    Sexy chick barefeet pedicure Watch sexy foot goddess Samantha rests her feet on the table and doing her pedicure on those perfect bare feet. Be there on the scene to see every wrinkle on her soles. Maybe she will need some help doing her pedicure. Get the full gallery now! Join us on...
  20. czsole123 Two foot girls tickling contest

    Two foot girls tickling contest - Video Amber and Eve are gorgeous young girls with amazing feet. And what else - their feet are very, very ticklish. Even so they agreed to participate in their own tickling contest. They are torturing each other's feet with gentle touches until they just can't...