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    Worship Goddess Selena - Shoe & Foot Worship

    Slave girl has her chores to do. After she cleans the room she is allowed to clean her Divine Mistress's red pumps and feet. Save the best for last. *Selena* (Pictures Failed to Upload)
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    bad lifeguard

    This is my first story on this site and being brand new I don't want to cross any boundries. So I'm going to start with a short and simple story that I hope everyone enjoys. Its all fiction btw. The Lifeguard John was at the beach looking for some women to bag and if that didn't happen he...
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    THIS IS JILL A CARE FREE 19 YR OLD BARE FOOT WILD CHILD I took Jill to the park and asked her to go crazy in the sun and just give us some insane good foot. Jill came through in a BIG way she took off her converse and socks and got her size 9 feet with long dancer toes filthy dirty in the sand...
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    Sweet little sisters bare feet and toes

    LITTLE SISTER BARE FOOT TEASE VIDEO TOES SPREAD OPEN Come check out this awesome foot fetish clip enjoy fans and please subscribe to our blog and check out all our foot and sock fetish video clips
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    L is for Lexia Porky always seems to get himself into trouble one way or another, and it is amazing because Mistress Lexia always treats him so well. When Mistress Lexia wants to Trample it is always intense and significant because you can honestly feel a charge flow...