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  1. tramplemania

    Barefoot Trampling and Footjob - Full HD

    Trampling and Footjob (Full HD) Crystal is a dominant college student with 8 size super sexy feet. Crystals tramples her naked slave under her sexy, high arched powerful feet. She also gives footjob while she stands on her one foot. This bare foot trampling and footjob clip is MP4 (H.264)...
  2. tramplemania

    Crystal’s Barefoot Hard Trampling (Full HD)

    Crystal’s Barefoot Hard Trampling (Full HD) Crystal is a dominant young superior college student and she likes having men under her feet. She has gifted high arched 8 size sexy feet. In this video she stomps, tramples and jumps with all her weight on the slave’s body again and again. Crystal...
  3. A

    Double Amazon Non-Existent Human Furniture and Foot Sniffing Clip

    Watch me the one and only Amazon Vixxxen with Badass Amazon Annie as we squash a human couch under over 400 pounds of Amazon greatness! Sniffing each other's feet and comparing who's feet are bigger, while we bounce up and down and plop onto the couch as hard as we can.
  4. T

    Amazing High Heel Trample & Foot Domination

    Enjoy amazing foot domination gallery
  5. J

    Cock and Ball Trample EXTREME Ashleigh is back!!!

    Come check out 24 year old Ashleigh smash a cock EXTREMELY hard completely destroying it under her pretty little feet =] I will post pictures/sample videos here if I can figure it out :/
  6. T

    TramplingFetishShow - BAREFOOT TRAMPLE CLIPS

    Hello guys! this is a new post to trample barefoot, with ruthless and sadistic girls who love to trample, enjoy!! :bananajum:bananajum Title: Tall and Heavy - Brutal trample lesson (HQ CLIP) Claire (181 cm - 67 kg) involves her friend Valentina (170 cm - 92 kg) in trample and dominate...
  7. G

    Ebony Goddess Destroi's-Trample Temple FREE CLIP Of The Day

    Here's a collection of out take clips & pics from my crush and foot fetish shoot 8/29/10. I also included a few foot POV shots from a previous shoot. Enjoy FOOT FREAKS Ebony Goddess Destroi
  8. B

    Mistress Empress New Stuff

    Her Feet Are Soft, Size 10 And Very Sexy. Her Feet Are Also Very Warm And Feel Nice For Those Who Want To Feel Nice Or Dangerously On The Edge Of Injury For Those Who Live Life On The Wild Side. There Is A Very Good Free Tour With 2 Great Vid Clips With A Compilation Of Some Of The Stuff She...
  9. B

    Samantha and John

    Hi haven't written in a while. This story is very long I apologize. It contains both true events with some embellishment, but mostly true of a girl I dated for a short stent. Things didn't work out because we were long distance. Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think. God I missed her when I...
  10. benoittodd

    Finding real fem/fem barefoot trample?

    Hi all. I'm posting the question again because I didn't mention that I was looking for barefoot trample, not high heels. That said, where can I find real fem/fem trample where the trampler's barefoot and the pain is real? Thanks.
  11. M

    New updates on

    Watch as Shiloh tramples to her heart's content and check out new picture and video updates on