1. lilguy51

    bbw facesitting and worship The Mistress catches a slave watching porn. She quite upset , and decided to punish, his balls, ass and face. Lot of face sitting, spanking and spanking balls. Lot of bbw ass worship. She bounce on him. He pleads tapping...
  2. lilguy51

    BBW facesitting Beverly Blue vs Luke cage

    See next post for correct link. bfrug(moderator) Description: Part 1 You try to challenge the champ. She is a cruel Busty heel (bad guy). Your train and think you have what it takes. The big tit goddess mocks and beats you. She stands over you with her big oil up tits with her belt in hand. She...
  3. B

    BBW Facesitters in Minneapolis?

    Hi, going to be in Minneapolis later this month was wondering if anybody knew of bbw facesitters there. Thanks
  4. FlattenedOne

    Queen Nora Tramples, Sits, & Drops

    It's very rare where you see full weight ssbbw trampling. Queen Nora shows you how it's done. She wanted to bounce and even stand on his throat but it literally took all he had just to survive her standing still on his chest. At one point he said he almost passed out simple because of the...
  5. FlattenedOne

    BigmommaKat Side Sits & Drops Herman

    BigmommaKat Side Sits & Drops Herman Check out the free promo here: This video is brutal. Kat's north of 600 lbs but acts like she's only 160 lbs as she drops square onto Herman's head over and over. She actually starts by dropping on his chest...
  6. B

    BBWFaceHumpers - Delicious & Phoenixxx BBW Double Squash TWO Skinny Chicks!

    We are always looking for new and fun ways to torture our skinny little female toys and Delicious grabbed our plumper girlfriend Pheonixxx BBW to help her out! They lie them out on the couch and neck sit/squash them. They Full weight squash them with 500 plus pounds together! See this at...
  7. D Gym Facesit Update

    Facesitters get a workout before "working out" the coach at . Hope you enjoy... Only at
  8. D Meaner Series 1 Meaner Series 1 (goes from Hard to Harder to the HARDEST BBW FACE SITTING YOU HAVE EVER SEEN A three part series of great BBW face sitting, featuring yours truly Butthead and the Queen of the Facesit Check us out at