1. trampletime1969

    Hand Trample Free Clip

    I was taping a video at the beach, and the producer asked this girl to try and break any bone in my hand for $50! I was really scared when the girl told me she was taking karate lessons and had just broke up with an abusive boyfriend. In this clip she is stomping on my arm and hand. I am...
  2. D

    Stuck at the Beach

    Disclaimer: This story is an extended version of the story “Beach Facesitting Story (unwilling submissive pov)” posted at by fcest132 I found this story to have a good potential so I just have to extend it. (fcest132 I hope you...
  3. F

    Human Beach Blanket

    Human Beach Blanket Preview Video It's a hot summer day but Yuliya forgot her blanket for the beach. Fortunately she finds an unsuspecting victim to use instead. She sneaks up behind him and forces his head underneath her beautiful bikini-covered ass. She leans back and relaxes, enjoying the...
  4. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Beach Kitty

    I love Animal Prints and the Beach! So here I am in my Kitty Print Bathing Suit. if you like them come by and check out the rest HERE Just BBW fun this time Guys enjoy:rofl: