1. FemdomFights

    Bad Ass Blaten Lee First Femdom Boxing Beatdown

    Want to see cage fighter Bad Ass Blaten Lee unload on someone? The returning Shozan learns just how much her punches hurt! Preview and screenshots on
  2. PSarah

    Sarah Diavola - Business Suit Trample (Throwback Thursday)

    BUSINESS SUIT TRAMPLE (THROWBACK THURSDAY) THROWBACK THURSDAY - CLASSIC CLIP! Original release date: October 2007 "There's nothing like squishing a footstool after a long day at work. This clip includes foot/leg/nylon worship, shoe dangling, trampling, and face-kicking. At one point, I...
  3. lilguy51

    star Wars Sith Goddess- Free Vid Your a young Jedi trying to make a name for yourself. But you got in more trouble then your expected. Your capture by two of the deadliest Sith in the Dark Jedi. The two Busty women (Alora Jaymes and Jessica Nova) taking down...
  4. FemdomFights

    Femdom Boxing Beatdown - KO Comp 8

    Love the idea of getting beaten around the ring by beautiful, topless women? Kay sure did! Here's a collection of his hottest beatdowns. Featuring topless stars Lauren Phillips, Jewel Marceau, Cheyenne Jewel and Sarah Brooke. A dream team! -...
  5. breathless50

    Scissored, Smothered, Tied And Executed

    I’m a bounty hunter and I’ve tracked down my prey who is wanted for not acknowledging the superiority of women and cornered him in a house. He’s exhausted from the chase and I taunt him as I approach. I’m an expert martial artists and street fighter and before he can react, I knee him in the...
  6. Furetto

    The Art of Stomach Beating (hard belly punching and kicking)

    Videos of belly punching and stomach kicking avalaible in two stores: Fetish Obsession Stomach Demolition The title speaks for itself: in this video performance Giadina, black...
  7. Furetto

    Abs Workout with Punches and Elbows (video of real Stomach Demolition)

    This video is avalaible in two stores: Fetish Obsession Stomach Demolition In this video you will see the insane abs workout done by Fakir Ab, the Fakir with abs of steel, and by...
  8. Furetto

    Belly Punching Surprise (Fetish Obsession for one side beatdown)

    Video at If you want to get great results, you must suffer and train hard. Fakir Ab, the fakir with invulnerable abs, is aware of the goodness of this maxim and during his workouts asks the assistants to beat very hard. In this video you...
  9. Furetto

    A lesson in Taekwondo (with a professional female fighter)

    Video at Misia Marelli is a sadistic lady who enjoys punching and kicking her victims during a beatdown session; she thinks it's an excellent way to express her anger! However, in order to really hurt someone you need to hit not only...
  10. Furetto

    Punches, Kicks, Boots and Soccer Balls for a Stomach Demolition! (Fetish Obsession)

    Video available at The new Fakir's assistant is called Samira, a young and tall strong girl (23 years old and 132 lb). In this video she will try to test Fakir's abs in several ways, subjecting his body to a very painful training. The...
  11. Furetto

    How To Throw a Stomach Punch (with a professionale female fighter)

    Video at What are the weak spots to target in a fight and what are the most vulnerable areas in the abdominal area? Are you sure to know exactly what is the correct way to throw a powerful punch? How many types of punches are there in...
  12. Furetto

    Human Antistress (Hard Stomach Demolition and brutal beatdown)

    Full video at Stomach Demolition store Roberta is talking with her best friend Giadina about the problems that caused her some emotional pain, when she comes across this very odd newspaper advertisement: «Are you nervous? Are you angry...
  13. Furetto

    A Painful Belly Game (Stomach Demolition) This video is aimed at all those people who love the Abs of Steel Challenges and adore watching a victim beaten in the midsection with powerful blows. The rules of this one-side beatdown challenge are very simple: Little Acab - a...
  14. Furetto

    Two Human Punching Bags (hard belly punching and kicking)

    New video Fetish Obsession In the first minutes of this video Divine Diana uses the abdominal area of his slave as a human punching bag (very hard punches to the stomach) and as a human kicking bag (she kicks with all the power of her...
  15. AATBxxx

    No Chance Of Victory Against Miss Roper

    --> No Chance Of Victory Against Miss Roper <-- Category: MIXED WRESTLING Related Categories: BEATDOWNS, FEMALE DOMINATION, SCISSORHOLD, GRAPPLING, SUBMISSION HOLD Keywords: Miss Roper, Slave Fluffy This foolish male slave believes that he can take on not only my whits, but my strength as...
  16. FemdomFights

    Annie Cruz Beats Up Rocky

    Annie Cruz beats down Rocky in a femdom boxing session on video. See it at -
  17. FemdomFights

    New Courtney Femdom POV Boxing - Real Female Boxer

    Like your POV boxing action with real female boxers? Courtney is back, showcasing skill and fire of a real ring-tested fighter. A one sided POV boxing beatdown for the femdom fans. Preview and screenshot gallery on -
  18. FemdomFights

    Liz Lightspeed Femdom POV Beatdown Boxing

    Fans of Liz Lightspeed and femdom POV boxing should enjoy seeing the topless Liz punch it out, POV style!
  19. FemdomFights

    Nicole Oring and Christie Ricci Beat Darrius 2 on 1

    Nicole Oring and Christie Ricci team up to give Darrius an ass beating! Fantasy femdom mixed wrestling custom. Watch a clip and screenshot gallery on -
  20. FemdomFights

    Femdom POV Boxing Beatdown feat Jennifer Thomas

    If you want to know what it's like to have a beatdown boxing session with the muscular Jennifer Thomas, this video will show you what it's like! One sided femdom beatdown.