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  1. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Booty Bully

    BOOTY BULLY I may be little, but I'm the biggest bully at My gym, and I saw you from across the entire building. I could tell that you were a weenie. I can see that you'll break at the slightest pressure. I know you'll get on your knees for Me. I know I can beat you up. Get on the floor...
  2. JulieSimone

    Merry Assmas! Holiday Face Sitting

    Merry AssMas Holiday BBW Face Sitting Julie Simone is lounging with another elf in Santa's workshop. He wants to go back to work and make more toys. Instead, Julie schools him on an even better holiday than Christmas - Merry Assmas! Julie explains it's becoming harder and harder to find a...
  3. J !! Join today for only $5!!!

    What up Fam!!!? Its your boy jimbrownski here! Sorry for the hiatus, but I am back and better than ever!! Welcoming everyone to check out my newest site -!! Over 160 clips (and GROWING) and hundreds of pictures. For folks tired of buying clips a la carte - you can...
  4. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Ass Worship Instructional

    ASS WORSHIP INSTRUCTIONAL I'm going to make you My ass slave. There's no better way to get up close and personal with My ass than to clean it with your tongue. I hope it's really dirty! I'm about to show you how you will do it, down to the most minute detail. Do you want to keep your job...
  5. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Butt Ball

    BUTT BALL I know you want to experience my ass on you: whether smothering your face or smashing your lap, you want it. What better way to demonstrate how that feels and looks than a clear ball? It displays my ass weight perfectly, as you imagine my cheeks on you\r cheeks, your nose...
  6. PSarah


    GOD ASS This ass is fucking holy. This ass commands armies and brings down civilizations. This ass is Mine, and it is a great privilege to kneel before it. I’ll make you beg to kiss it. I’ll make you dream of being close to it. Admire this perfection, this beauty, this supreme power...
  7. JulieSimone

    Smothering Mouthy Slave

    Julie Simone punishes a mouthy slave by sitting on his face! She shuts him up over and over again with Her voluptuous ass until he finally takes a little nap. Buy the clip at #PANTYHOSE #WOLFORDS #BIGBUTTS #AMAZON #REDHEAD #SMOTHERING #FACESITTING...
  8. S

    Fart Captions

    Check out my latest fart captions at
  9. JulieSimone

    Femdom Jeans Face Sitting

    Femdom Jeans Smother Julie Simone is wrapping up a shoot with a sub who clearly misunderstood his purpose. He has no plans on signing any paperwork, he just wanted to get free play! Julie is pissed so She takes it out on his puny little head with Her giant jeans clad ass. She lowers Her...
  10. JulieSimone

    Smothering in Pantyhose - Julie Simone

    “Pantysniffers Get Spanked and Smothered Part 2″ Now that his bottom is nice and red, Julie Simone turns the action to face sitting/smothering. Since Her room mate likes to sniff panties, She gives him Her panties up close and personal while She’s still wearing them. It’s not going to be...
  11. JulieSimone

    Julie Simone gets Spanked! F/F Spanking

    Tattooed Domme Bella Vendetta is unhappy with Julie Simone's performance as Her webmaster so She takes matters into Her own hands! She blackmails Julie into taking an over the knee spanking as punishment. Bella starts over Julie's jeans, then over her panties before giving bratty Julie a bare...
  12. JulieSimone

    Julie Simone Full Weight Smothering in Leather Boots & Gloves

    Amazon Mistress Julie Simone is going to put you out! Her weapon of choice? Her big round bottom. The curvy redhead bounces Her giant ass on your head over and over again, increasing the time for which She sits on your tiny little head until you become weaker and weaker and you just can't muster...
  13. D

    Squashing and Ass Worship

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  14. disko1

    Goddess Chow Fun

    :whip: This is the very first time I sat on someone’s face; at least on video that is. Years ago a friend of mine was always complementing me on how sexy my body was. He used to always tell me how much he loved my big fat Asian butt. He used to offer me money to sit on his face, so I...
  15. JulieSimone

    Pantysniffer Smothered!

    video update : Curvaceous redhead Julie Simone walks in on Her roommate sniffing Her dirty panties! Since he likes the smell of Her panties so much She sits on his face so he can get the full aroma as close and as deep as possible until Her ass puts him completely out! Buy the clip at...
  16. D

    SSBBW Domination Clips

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  17. D

    Date w/Destiny {New Photo Set}

    New photo set posted to the member's area at Enjoy! xoxo
  18. D

    Skinny boy squash

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  19. B

    Squash his Face (part 2) - F/m

    Clips Store : Or, sign up for the members area (gain access to many more ass smother, face-sitting, foot smother, ass worship clips & image galleries): Clip Sample: *JUST...
  20. B

    Smothering in Sweats (F/m)

    Store: Description: Mistress Xena wears one of Her favorite pairs of sweat pants. Not to work-out in, but to sit on tom's' face. Mistress states, "Big Butt Women rule the world, don't WE!" So, Xena sits on tom's face. A Woman with a big ass have the ability to make...