1. UnderGiantessFeet

    Few Days Unwashed Feet Hippie Girl

    Tall hippie girl Irma humiliates foot slave. She makes him to lick her very dirty and unwashed a few days feet. She was at a festival in nature. You can see how many dirt and old sweat accumulated on her soles. Her feet very stinky and taste of her foot sweat so strong. The slave is just lucky...
  2. UnderGiantessFeet

    12 Size Feet Giantess SFX

    Real giantess tall model Sharon. She is 6'1'' (186 cm) tall and she has huge 12US feet. She shrunk her slave girl and humiliates poor little girl. Sharon makes tiny slave girl to lick huge sweaty and dirty feet. Shrunken slave tries to clean Sharon’s soles, but they are so big for little slave’s...
  3. UnderGiantessFeet

    Big Dirty Tasty Soles Licking

    Big dirty feet after barefoot walking. Yasmine makes me to clean her gorgeous big soles. She orders me to lick and swallow all disgusting dirt and grime from her 10US feet. So tasty mix with dirt and sweat from her soles. You can see how her soles become cleaner and cleaner after slave's tongue...
  4. UnderGiantessFeet

    Big Nyloned Feet For Foot Slut 4K/FullHD

    Violetta comes back! This time she humiliates little slave girl – Lucy. Violetta makes slave girl to worship her nylon stockings after day at work in old work pumps. First she orders Lucy to sniff sweaty nyloned soles. I like how looks Lucy’s little face near big feet of Violetta. Then she makes...
  5. UnderGiantessFeet

    Foot Slave Family

    Yasmine makes me and my sister Linda to worship her feet. Yasmine tramples my face when my sister licks her feet. Then she orders to lick dirty bottoms of her sandals. We clean them with our tongues. Tasty street dirt for pathetic slave family. Yasmine orders to take off her shoes and makes us...
  6. UnderGiantessFeet

    Huge 12 Size Extremely Stinky Feet

    New tall amazon model – Sharon. She is 6'1'' (186 cm) tall and she has huge 12US feet. Sharon makes me to lick her gym sneakers. She orders me to sniff inside her hot and wet sneakers. Sharon shows to the camera her insoles and you can see dirty footprints on them. Of Course, she orders to lick...
  7. UnderGiantessFeet

    Slave Girl Loves My Big Sweaty Feet

    Cruel woman Violetta humiliates slave girl Linda. Primarily she forces slave girl to lick dirty soles of flats. This is her work shoes, she wear them for eight hours a day. When slave girl licks dirty flats, Violetta tells how dirty places she visited in these shoes. She says, “You should know...
  8. UnderGiantessFeet

    Big Dirty Feet 10US First Time For Slave Girl

    Brutal redhead girl Lorena forces slave girl to clean dirty feet. She walked barefoot and now her soles very dirty. Lorena has big feet 10US size with long toes. Poor slave girl Lucy must lick and clean all dirt from Lorena’s big soles. This is new level of humiliation for slave girl Lucy. Look...
  9. UnderGiantessFeet

    After Work Day Stinky 11US Feet

    Violetta called me in the evening, "Hi loser. I wore my ballet flats all day at work. They stink awfully! You must sniff them. Be ready in an hour, foot freak." I could not even argue. First, she makes me to lick street dirt from bottoms of her flats. After her bottoms became clear, she makes me...
  10. D

    Giant Ass on your Face!

    Imagine having this big ass on your face.. find this clip and more at
  11. N

    6'7 Tall Girl shows off her long body and huge feet in high heels

    Her name is Kendra, she is 6'7 tall girl from Czech Republic and she is pretty much into foot fetish. Here is the sample of one of her vids, where you can see how tall she is and how huge her size 14 feet are in these hugh heels. If you are big feet fans check out her clips 4 sale store...
  12. N

    Huge soles footjob

    If you like big feet this is clip just for you. You can see size 14 feet slapping poor cock around which looks totally dwarfed next to these huge giants. See for yourself. If you would like to watch more clips with huge feet of 6'7 tall Kendra visit her store on clips for sale...
  13. N

    Size 14 feet worshipping

    Here is the clip of 6'7 tall Kendra having her huge size 14 feet worshipped. See how wide and large they are and how long her toes are. The comparison between her feet and the guy's face is breathtaking. If you like big feet you have to visit her c4s store:
  14. N

    Huge size 14 feet

    Hey guys! I've found some tall chick with huge feet on website. Here's the link to her film: She has much more clips at her store if you want check it out: Heop you enjoy. Cheers.
  15. slaveandy

    BBW DarlingRikki Smothers and Facesits

    It's been too long since DarlingRikki has got to play with slave andy. Today she has a special treat for him. She smothers him with her big jean clad ass. Then she removes the jeans to make him smell her ass through her panties, well when she lets him up for air under her BBW ass...
  16. A

    Full girls sit down from above on women and men

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  17. S

    Sarah BIG BUTT right in YOUR FACE!!

    sarah Big Butts - facesitting, tight spandex hi, this is me, Sarah, this time I decided to choose a new angle for the camera, directly below the head of my poor slave... Gives the whole set a new dimension ;) Slave had to suffer under my full weight,could barely breath under my BIG ASS ;) I...