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    Strict bitches new clips all this week

    Every day this week Princess Jada, Princess Barb and the Psycho Sisters are adding clips at Strict Bitches. Check them out and other great titles from The Whipping Bitch and Glamour Pain Girls. You can find them here:
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    New stirct princess

    Check out her first clips at Princess Jada and the strict real life GF who makes her bf lick clean her boots and shoes and feet every night!
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    Worship your owner! Clean my boots!!

    WORSHIP YOUR OWNER! CLEAN MY BOOTS!! FULL MOVIE MOV A new addition to Strict Bitches is a real life young dom GF who keeps her male as her shoe and boot cleaning pet. He's made to lick her boots for 15mins every day.
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    Princess jada's dog

    PRINCESS JADA'S BITCH HD POV Princess Jada has bought you at auction to be her dog and you are now her slave and pet. Here she outlines what she is going to do with you, how you will be treated and what you can expect life to be like under her as her slave. It's not going to be easy...
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    Punishment for Tardy Slave! FULL MOVIE

    Movie now up in Full on Strict Bitches!
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    Cruel princess

    CRUEL PRINCESS and STRICT BITCHES all clips uploaded at
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    The whipping bitch - preview movie

    The Whipping Bitch now with free preview at
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    My shoe licking bitch boy!

    New slave clip at
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    Punishment beating!

    Punishment Beating trailer has just been updated on Strict Bitches along with our newest dominant bitch who keeps her bf as her boot cleaning bitch,. Check them out and more at
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    Rubber gloved cock torture!

    EVIL is the word to describe this bitch, as she chomps, chews, bites, scrubs and tortures his balls in close-up action talking to the camera (you) as she does it. And she loves it... on
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    Cruel girls extreme scratching trample

    Incredibly cruel girls who love pain are making many more slaves suffer at STRICT BITCHES. Check out TRAMPLED, SCRATCHED and WHIPPED sadistica!
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    Cruel girls love pain

    The Strict Bitches team of cruel women is growing every day. Check them out at All natural and genuinely sadistic girls.
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    Spanking strict bitches

    A variety of action and strict women who know how to give a spanking at Strict Bitches.
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    Madame Catarina

    Madame Catarina is amazing. Also the Strict Bitches! Love the Boot Licking Slave bitch Nikka. And the Whipping Bitch.
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    Ass Cleaning Slave Hotel Part 2 (!!!)

    Part 2 Mistress K shoved a dildo up the slave’s ass and he cried but she didn’t care. Mistress L facesat the slave while Mistress K moved the dildo around, ass fucking him. He slave cried but his screams only tickled Mistress L’s asshole. She laughed and decided to shit in his mouth. Since...