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    Rubber gloved cock torture!

    EVIL is the word to describe this bitch, as she chomps, chews, bites, scrubs and tortures his balls in close-up action talking to the camera (you) as she does it. And she loves it... on
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    Deep Deep Bites

    Now up at Crush Kick Destroy [/B]Deep Deep Bites[/B] Miss Varla bites hard into her slave's arms and hands. She sinks her teeth deep to the bone and knuckles. She also pulls the flesh away from the bone and bites hard into it. She leaves deep bite...
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    Dominatrix Delight

    A Before Dinner Treat Whitney Morgan invited Miss Foxx over for dinner and for an appetizer she is serving up some fresh meat. She has one of her slaves tightly bound and naked on a table for them to chew on. catherine and whitney bite his ribs and nipples hard and leave some nice marks but...
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    Please Call The Cops

    I Would Rather Be In Jail Catherine and Crystal are sleeping when a burglar breaks into the house. While he is distracted searching for valuables the girls wake up and wrestle him to the bed. Catherine holds him down while Crystal grabs restraints and ties him to the bed. The girls are pretty...
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    Sub Sandwich 2 (biting) - Full trailer

    Now @ Sub Sandwich 2 Varla is hungry again and sinks her teeth into her favorite kind of sandwich. It was just as tasty as the last sub sandwich! TRAILER:
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    BALLBUSTING BRAT - Cockbiting and Ballbusting in Pigtails

    Wendy Thomas is a hot redhead ballbuster who likes humiliating and punishing perverts with small cocks by busting their balls with her cheerleader kicks! Enjoy our latest femdom ballbusting update and visit our ballbusting website at ...
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    POV Ballbusting and Ball-Biting by the Bratty Blonde Bitch!

    Melanie Jayne does some brutal POV cheerleader ballbusting when she discovers a panty-sniffer underneath her table! Check out more cheerleader POV ballbusting at our website: :)
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    ALEXIS GRACE - Teen Supermodel Cockbiting and Ballbiting

    Alexis Grace sinks her teeth into the foot-pervert's cock and balls, and she gives him some brutal kicks and knees with her sexy, long legs! This cruel brunette ballbuster loves to make men's balls ache with her insane biting and merciless kicking! She smothers him with her sweaty feet, and...
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    Caught and Ballbusted in the Girl's Locker Room!

    Teen Pornstar Tessa Taylor Ballbusting in socks! Enjoy our latest update at! :)
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    Asa akira - epic ballbusting ruined orgasm video

    Enjoy the video from Ballbusting Pornstars! Here's the video link: ... by the way... That seriously hurt my balls for about a week and a half. This video is a MUST SEE! :)
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    Brutal Biting Girls

    Katrina Bites For the first Time Katrina joined us recently for a few hot scenes, when we found out she would bite our guys it got even hotter. Katrina has never bitten anybody and kind of likes the idea. After she sinks her teeth into our gimps hands and forearms I think she was hooked...
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    Painful Cock Biting by a Sadistic Latin Bitch - Broken Penis

    Latina babe Coco Velvett doing some Cockbiting CBT That hurt a lot by the way. :)
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    Blonde Teen Ballbuster - TESSA TAYLOR

    Tessa Taylor makes a pervert's worst nightmares come true when she makes him endure the most painful kicks in the ballbusting world! This sexy blonde ballbuster makes the pervert's balls ache with brutal kicks, punches, knees and biting! Stay tuned for a posting of the free...
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    Remember Me? You Will When I'm Done

    Stacey was minding her own business the other day when this creep grabbed her tits on the bus. She found out where he lived, broke in and tied him up. For some reason the guy can't seem to remember her and she tickle tortures him to jog his memory. When that fails she slaps and bites him...
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    BEVERLY HILLS - Naughty Nurse CBT and Ballbusting

    Beverly Hills is a sexy, large-breasted nurse who begins pulverizing her patient's balls with her sexy feet! She knees, kicks and punches his nuts, and she even begins using her juicy ass to grind down and crush his testicles. Check out more of this medical nurse fetish ballbusting movie...
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    Ballbusting Workout Video with Foot Domination

    Cheyenne Jewel gets a with a sleazy janitor in the girl's locker room! Here is the link to the sample video, and enjoy the content! Thanks for emailing your video requests and...
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    JOCLYN STONE - Ballbusting the Stalker

    Joclyn Stone is a sexy milf who begins ballbusting her stalker in the bedroom! This movie contains plenty of cruel MILF ballbusting and ballbiting CBT. Email me anytime at :)
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    Ballbusting and Smothering the Dean in Detention

    Kirra Lynne is a ballbusting schoolgirl who smothers and humiliates her horny dean at detention! Check out more ballbusting torture at Ballbusting Pornstars! Email me anytime: :)
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    HEIDI MAYNE - Ballbusting and cockbiting with a handgun

    Heidi Mayne takes the law into her own hands when a buglar breaks into her office! She threatens to blow off his cock and balls while sexually dominating and humiliating him during a brutal ballbusting attack! Watch more sexy pornstars and extreme ballbusters by following me on...
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    Riley Shy - Redhead Ballbiting and Ballbusting

    Riley Shy is a sexy redhead ballbuster who loves biting male genitals and torturing losers who hit on her in the bar! Follow us on Twitter for more ballbusting updates, free sample videos and random rants about femdom abuse at Cheers! :thumbsup: