black goddess worship

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    Happy Friday the 13th Worship Material

    Hello Happy Friday the 13th Freaks, here is a little jerk off material from your black mistress.
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    Brutal Booty "Goddess Destroi"-Updates/Clips & Pics

    A few pics for my loyal Foot Enjoy Ass Freaks! The Bitch is Back!
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    Smothered under my ebony bottom!

    Come here slave and I will lock your head up in my smother box. I will explain to you that your place will always be beneath me. You will will be accept that you are nothing and I am everything. You will suffer as I humiliate, smother and spit on you.. POV from my smother box Preview here...
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    Newbie, Welcome Me

    I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone here at the forum. I have been checking my email for about a week and a half now waiting for the approval to join. Thank you for having me here. I think I posted the banner of the forum on my page correctly. I'm moreso looking to learn from here...