1. DominaErotica/BlackBeauty

    Do you love Exotic Long Fingernail Black Beauty Pretty Feet ?

    I am Domina Erotica Exotic Long Fingernail Black Beauty... I have a fetish for My pretty feet and tasty toes to be pampered , kissed, worshipped, massaged and adored. You would be on your knees at My command, collared leashed, ready for your foot worship responsibility and servitude. Is this...
  2. jgrass1

    Lulu's Lament

    Lulu wants to snooze but Envy is having none of that! She plops her big beautiful butt right on her snoozer face! This will show her not to be lazy when Envy is around! Excellent girl on girl facesitting!
  3. U

    Black Amazon Landlord

    Part 1: Joe rolled over in bed and groggily reached to the night stand to turn off his screeching alarm. He looked at his phone - 4 new text messages, all from the same sender, his increasingly impatient landlady Yolanda. Joe had been late paying rent last month and was behind a week this...
  4. brazilfeet

    Suffer Under Tamara Black Ass

    Suffer Under Tamara Black Ass Pt.2 Submissive Michael is tied on the bed while hot Black Goddess Tamara is on top of his head smashing the bastard. He cant move and Tamara is having a nice time with her slave below her. GREAT SCENES OF: ASS SMELLING, FEMDOM AND BIG BUTTS...
  5. FemdomFights

    Misty Stone and Chanell Heart Boxing Kay

    These two beauties are brutal in this 2 on 1 tag team mixed boxing match More info and free clip on
  6. EmpressKabani

    EmpressKabani PSA on two years

    Hello Fans Old and New, I know many of you have wondered where I have been. Or, if you have seen Me or heard anything about Me it may not have been too positive. Well, I am going to take the time to dispell the mis-information. I have been ill. Upon being sick, like anyone else I fell on hard...
  7. M


    Also known as Queen Hypnotik. Most of you probably don't know who she is, but Queen Sheba is in my opinion one of the best Dominas in the world, ever. Certainly best one I ever came across. I don't think she was famous enough during her presence on Femdom scene, which is great shame. Her body...
  8. EmpressKabani

    What the next step in facesitting

    I want to know what fans of BBW Facesitting are waiting to see in videos. I am about to film on Monday. I want as many new ideas as possible. I will then use bits and pieces of what I recieve as inspiration for My newest creations. No matter how bizzare or out of the ordinary the idea make sure...
  9. L

    Black or White; It doesn't Matter

    I'm not sure where to put this; but I believe it belongs in my fantasy of the White Goddess who happens to own many black slaves; pets; converts; subjects or whatever, in addition to those she owns generally. In my story, the White Goddess, does not see herself as white, black, asian, native...
  10. B

    Ebony Big Butt Babe -

    Sexy big butt model. Features roleplay, nude & lingerie photos, videos and live webcam.
  11. I

    Goddess Summer = Winner You = Loser

    Goddess Summer shows off with facesitting Victory Poses !!!!
  12. slaveandy

    Ebony BBW Caramel's Foot Puppy

    Ms Caramel Dreams has found herself a little foot puppy to have clean her nasty, dirty flip flops. She makes him feverishly lick up all the dirt from her gross shoes and even gives her pup a little help with her own goddess spit as she humiliates him. FREE PREVIEW AVAILABLE HERE...
  13. slaveandy

    BBW Ebony Tramples and Smothers a White Boy

    Caramel Dreams has overpowered this white boy and now plans to trample and smother him with her ebony BBW body. She puts him in pain trampling his stomach, smothers his face with her breasts, and butt drops his pathetic body with her 53 inch ass. FREE TRAILER VIEWABLE/DOWNLOADABLE HERE...
  14. N

    i'm trampled

    a bioutifoul black is trampling me then i was her poney
  15. U

    6'3" Black Amazon Clips4Sale Store

    Hey all, I wanted to formally introduce our new store featuring the lovely amazon Mistress Charlize. She is 6'3", thick, dominant and a force to reckoned with. We just started out so expect lots more material in the near future. Thanks in advance for checking it out. Let me...
  16. slaveandy

    Goddess Tierra Sock and Foot Worship

    This must be slaves lucky day. Ebony Goddess Tierra has NEVER EVER washed her thigh high stripper socks. They have been worn so many times, including out dancing, to the gym, around town, everywhere. Now slave must take the stench of her gross socks into his lungs. Tierra then makes him lick the...
  17. slaveandy

    Ebony BBW Caramel Dreams Trampling

    This will for sure be too much for slave andy to handle. Mz Caramel Dreams has been in fetish for a very long time and is an expert at more than forty fetishes. Today she decides to crush andy like a bug under her size 9.5 feet and 52 inch ass! Enjoy...
  18. B

    Princess Shia Free Clip and Pics

    Here is trailer clip of Princess Shia "Be a good boy & lick dirt" hope everyone likes XD. Clip Download
  19. M

    TWO FREE Foot Fetish Clips

    Not Free ? FUCK!! Alright! I wanted to offer you all some free clips but I cannot figure out the code and I am going to fuck up my store. lol If anyone knows where I can post the links to the clips let me know. Until then enjoy the site. ............ As you all may have been hearing...
  20. E

    any white pants facesitting?

    i was wondering if there were any white pant facesitting. or white or black pants face farting?