1. jimmmywanng

    Mistress Alisha Bartlett - Crushing the Skinny Slave

    Mistress Alisha Bartlett finds her slave cleaning and begins to scream at him! he was supposed to have his chores down hours ago! she drags him to the kitchen and throws him to the floor as she tramples his chest! Alisha is 6 foot 1 and weighs a lot more then Jimmy! you can see her feet sinking...
  2. Marc70

    Lick my sweaty nylon feet - MISS SERNA

    Miss Serena want you to lick her sweaty pantyhose feet !
  3. B

    Blonde Bombshell Jamie Bound & MaliceBBW are doing customs together

    Hey guys we're getting together again soon to make some video magic! There is easily a 200 lbs and height difference between these two ladies. Contact Malice via email @ for more details on how to order your very own custom. Check out their videos currently at...
  4. M

    Mistress paige's bum on your face

    Just thought post a couple of pics to tantalise you Hope you enjoy If you fancy my bum in your face check out my website
  5. FemdomFights

    Boxing Blonde POV Carissa Montgomery

    There's a new blonde bombshell in town! Carissa Montgomery is here to beat you down, humiliate you and knock you out. While you can't help but stare at her bare bouncing breasts, she can't help but beat the hell out of you! See Carissa Montgomery FemdomPOV Boxing Here
  6. M

    JC Simpson's Ultimate Scissors HD Tall blonde powerhouse JC Simpson makes her excruciatingly painful debut in this scissor clip. This beauty wanted to make sure that her world famous scissors and unmatched muscle control was on display. Showcasing her “Ultimate Scissors”, she locks him in tight and...
  7. JulieSimone

    Cotton Panty Smother

    from the DVD, "Delilah's ass smothering parade" leggy blonde Dominatrix Mistress Simone has to put her employee in place with some ass discipline. She repeatedly smashes his head with her powerful, muscular ass berating him the whole time as she takes his breath and dignity away. Cotton panties...
  8. A

    Punishment beating

    Punishment Beating and Boot Worship up on Strict Bitches now with sadistic blonde Mistress.
  9. JulieSimone

    Extreme Femdom Caning in Leather

    Blonde Dominatrix Julie Simone warms Her slave up with a shoe horn, then canes him. Julie wears leather wrist length gloves, a leather miniskirt, leather boots and a stunning red leather corset that exposes her voluptuous breasts. When She notices that his ass isn't getting marked up, She turns...
  10. JulieSimone

    Sample Clip - Spanked Stepson Hairbrush OTK

    Julie Simone is Jack Steele's bossy young stepmom. She catches him riding his motorcycle and gives him a stern lecture before taking him over Her knee for a spanking! She starts off spanking him over his jeans, then over his underwear, before giving him a bare bottom spanking! She chastises him...
  11. JulieSimone

    Femdom Enema Spank

    Blonde Dominatrix Julie Simone administers an enema then forces Her slave to hold it in while She gives him a spanking. How long can he hold it? Buy the clip at Mistress Julie Simone Based in NYC Houston : Feb 16-21 Essen Germany : March 29-April...
  12. M

    Spitting and Face Slapping by Goddess Olivia

    Mistress Alicia's cousin Goddess Olivia is in town. Goddess Olivia loves disciplining her slaves with Spitting and Face Slapping. Goddess Olivia Slaps Her slave silly as she trains his mouth for her spit. She Shows No Mercy as She covers his face with spit, and spits right into his mouth and on...
  13. J

    Human Spittoon Smacked Silly

    Mistress Olivia Slaps Her slave silly as she trains his mouth for her spit. She Shows No Mercy as She covers his face with spit, and spits right into his mouth and on his tongue. Mistress Olivia enjoys humiliating Her pet while breaking him down. Perfect if you like spitting and face slapping...
  14. P

    New Sexy Leggy Blonde Giantess

  15. O

    My tiny blonde self underneath 340 pound beauty, Divaa

    My tiny blonde self underneath 340 pound beauty, Diva I recently had my first shoot with a BBW, and it was phenomenal. Check out some of the hot images we made! I will soon upload videos (nude and non-nude) from our shoot to my clips store, so keep your eye out if you like what you see. ;)...
  16. T

    Blonde Gothic Mistress Trample

    This is one of the favorite Mistress I worked with...Lady Francesca ] By the way I forget to mention on my last post that the video with Lady Jenny wearing ridding boots can be found here:
  17. slaveandy

    Ass Smother and Crotch Grabbing by a Milf

    Milf Joclyn Stone is known for her work as a ballbusting pornstar, but today she is thinking about trying something different. She is wearing these cute applebottom panties that she'd just love to rub in a poor losers face. Ok, she can't resist a little bit of cock and ball torture. So while...
  18. stevelake

    Double trample before huge strap-on assault

    Miss Lydia (professional Dominatrix at the Continum dungeon in Chicago) and Mistress Missy (privates only) came in to film last week. slave marco does not like trample which made it even more fun. I strapped him down the cross on the floor and the Ladies went at him. They put holes everywhere in...
  19. E

    Upskirt Long-Legged Booty Ballbusting

    Nora Skyy does some brutal upskirt ballbusting with a naked loser, using her long legs and knees! Thank you for all of your emails and suggestions.