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    Sofia Rose Squashes Odette!

    Massive boobs, bubble booty...250 pounds of heaven, Sofia Rose totally squashes Odette's body...from head to toe! She also has three lovelies worship her big tits and booty!
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    Plumper Delicious...LOADS of NEW Content!

    I figured I would just post all the new updates...a description isn't needed with all this goodness!! Check it out at
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    Nicole in Japan Part 3!!!

    So as you can see from my previous post, our team made a 2nd trip for the year to Japan! It was a blast...not only did we see some AMAZING sites, which I will post a pic of but we also shot some GREAT content. My first update is of me sitting on a tiny little Japanese man...he is 100 pounds...
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    Two NEW Videos/Pics Added to My Site! Full Weight Trampling & Fat Talk!

    I have two FABULOUS new updates to my website,! Also a la carte at!! One update is of me full weight trampling a bad slave that is screaming from the pressure and pain. He deserves nothing better than to be under my feet!! It's a...
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    Mistress Delicious Opens Her Clips4Sale! Go Check it out!

    Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that my friend, Mistress Delicious, has opened her clips4sale! Go check it out at Enjoy! Mistress Nicole
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    BBWFaceHumpers - Nicole BUTTDROPS in Japan!!!

    I had the pleasure of torturing my little Japanese victim with full weight butt drops during my visit to Japan! It was SO much fun watching him gasp and groan as I slammed down on his face and chest with my huge body...after buttdropping him over and over again, I facesit him until he passes...
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    Mistress Nicole & Vallery Vixen Facesit!!

    Hi Guys!!! I just updated my website, with new facesitting and squashing content featuring me and Vallery Vixen! It's always so much fun to have a sexy BBW join in on the fun!!! Come see...
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    BBWFaceHumpers - Sofia Rose in Japan! Boob Smothering & FaceSitting!

    Hi!! We really had a productive time in Japan, with all of the hot Japanese BBW PLUS us American girls, we really had a fun time squashing and facesitting our victims. Sofia Rose punishes her slave by smothering him in her massive JJJ boobs and then facesitting him relentlessly! She also...
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    BBWFaceHumpers - Delicious Does Japan - Facesitting/Breast Smothering/Chestsitting

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening!!! I've got another preview of the new content featured on! This content is of the lovely BBW Delicious! She finds her little slave hiding in a closet, so she pulls him out and punishes him with her nice bubbly booty! After...
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    Full Weight Crushing - 340 Pound Nicole vs. 100 Pound Constance

    There is nothing quite like crushing the air our of a skinny chicks chest with my big fat ass! In the newest photos and video uploaded to my website,, you can literally hear the groans and air being forced out of tiny Contance's lungs. The look of torture on her...
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    Nicole Lift and Carries 95 lb Constance Like a Toy

    Who new lift and carry was so popular, haha!!! Good thing I have loads of fun with it! Tossing these skinny chicks around like rag dolls makes for a highly amusing time. See this and more My newbie squashee, Constance, was a little intimidated and scared, but she got through it. Lifting her...
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    Nicole's Big Booty Face Sitting!

    I captured Kelsey under my BIG BOOTY and face sat her until she was completely breathless under me. I absolutely LOVE dominating someone with my massive butt! Come see this on my website, or my C4S,
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    BBW Nicole Full Weight FaceSits Tiny Odette!!!

    Hi!!! I know lots of you love have been requesting facesitting between myself and my skinny girlfriend Odette. In this newest set of photos and video, I crush her tiny body with my massive booty and thighs. Plus I add a little chest sitting in as well because I love feeling her tiny body...
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    BBW Nicole Facesits, Squashes, Smothers Odette Until She Passes Out!

    YES! You heard right... I give it to her FULL WEIGHT! She has such a hard time handling it that she ultimately passes out from the pressure and lack of oxygen, haha, it was super intense! Facesitting, chestsitting, smothering, squashing, just what you've been asking for! I went for a little...
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    Ass Worship, Measuring/Comparing, and Chest Sitting/Squashing... She Was Flattened!

    Hello! I have updated my site, with one new photo set and 2 video clips. In the first video, Little Odette comes up behind me, worshiping and kissing my big beautiful booty then we start comparing her tiny little ass to my huge one. We pull out the measuring tape...
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    Nicole Demands Some Ass Worshiping! Imagine Life Spent Behind Her HUGE ASS!

    Hi friends and fans! I just updated my site,, with a HOT 8 minute video of my ass getting thoroughly worshiped and played with. YUM! There is even a little squirting action at the end when he moves from my ass to pussy. It felt oohhh so good. Imagine that YOU...
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    Nicole Throws a FaceSitting PARTY! BBW Galore ALL FACESITTING TOGETHER!

    Hi friends, If you were at a pool party and you had the chance to get not ONE, not TWO, but THREE SSBBW sitting on you... would you come to the event? Well witness this for yourself because my pool party was a blast and I want to share it with you :) Facesitting and squashing were all on the...
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    Giantess KayaNee Sits on a TINY 8 inch Man!!!

    Did you think it was a REAL 8 inch man? It is a nice visual though and what an awesome fantasy! Can you imagine meeting a REAL giantess BBW and having her sit on your face? She would swallow it up, just like KayaNee did this little guy, lol. Her massive ass cheeks completely smothered and...
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    Nicole Slams 330 lbs on his Face and Chest

    Hi guys, I just added four butt drop and facesitting clips to my site,, for a total of about 25 mins of new video. I have built up a nice sub section inside my website for this facesitting/smothering and other domination fetishes with 28 Photo Sets and 32 Clips that will...
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    VivaLaValerie has her 450lb Ass Worshipped with a Little Facesitting on the Side!

    Hi You Ass Sniffers!! My lovely friend, Viva La Valerie has added more facesitting/ass worship content to her website In this entertaining video, the Booty Bandit worships her 80+ inches of ass and once he's done worshipping her, she uses him as a human chair and...