body worship

  1. AATBxxx

    "Sweet Dreams Are Made Of..." - 2 Part Female Domination Tale

    "Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Miss Roper's Dick ft. Lycha" part one, was released on MISSROPER.COM today! This Clip Features: Female Domination, Submissive/Slave Training, Body Worship, Latex, Face Fucking, Gagging, Spit/Drool. Clip Description: Lycha finds herself scrolling on Miss Roper's...
  2. 0

    Toni and Greg, a BBW dominates her "boss"

    Toni and Greg work together for a small construction company. Greg is the managing partner and Toni is the office manager. On paper Greg is supposed to oversee the company, but everyone knows Toni is the boss. Greg is on the short side of average for a man, but he has a huge personality. To know...
  3. 0

    Lisa and Bill, a BBW dominates her shy neighbor

    The sun was shinning down bright on Lisa’s body. She was laying out by her pool wearing a sexy low cut one piece that showed off her big boobs. She knew it wouldn’t be long and her neighbor Bill would find an excuse to work in his backyard, so he could check her out. She has caught him drooling...
  4. 0

    Kami and Stan, a dominant BBW dominates husband.

    Kami peered down at her deep cleavage while she relaxed in a pedicure chair. She loved her big boobs and often fantasized about squeezing her husbands cock between them. Kami admires her ample breasts and often wonders if people notice her checking herself out while she is in public. Her eyes...
  5. Mysti_Mountains

    Headed West from Chicago

    I will be travelling beginning tomorrow from Chicago IL to Las Vegas with planned stops in Ames, Iowa and Denver, Colorado on my way and returning by way of the southern route through Arizona, New Mexico and possibly stopping in Dallas (pending a deposit) If you are into rough body play like...
  6. B

    SSBBWs Ivy & Malice will be traveling from OH to FL in Jan 16'

    Famous adult entertainers and Dommes Goddess Ivy & Goddess Malice are available Jan 16' for an assortment of sessions including face sitting, feederism, humiliation & more. Visit & read Our rules before respectfully introducing yourself. When traveling We...
  7. B

    SSBBW Duo traveling to Detroit, MI Sept. 14-15th

    Have you dreamed of being dominated by 400+ pounds? Completely submitting yourself to over 70" of booty? Both Goddess Ivy and Goddess Malice are Cleveland based Dommes available for an assortment of sessions. We enjoy squashing, face sitting, humiliation, sissification, smothering, feederism...
  8. A

    Foot Fetish Discovered

    OOC: Warning: this one maybe gets a little out of hand. This is happening! This is really happening! The thought sped through my mind on a loop as Sarah smiled shyly at me from across the kitchen table. I'd had a crush on her ever since I first started working in the same office as her. I...
  9. Mistress Meltz

    CFNM armpit worship vid

    I’m so ticklish, but I love having my body worshipped, that includes armpit worship. I informed the naked pale pigg that my pits need some attention. He springs to action and starts to get those little slits he calls lips busy. His slits were busy kiss, licking and worshipping my armpits. Piggy...
  10. Mistress Meltz

    Facesitting and body worship on the phone

    I enjoy facesitting and body worship. When I cant do them I enjoy talking about doing them. Call me so we can discuss all your facesitting, body worship, giantess fetish and strap on play fetishes. Im always ready for some kinky chat
  11. Mistress Meltz

    New vids at my store

    I added a new tit and belly oil rub video to my store Watch me rub my sexy belly and 48dd breast with oil while I tease you
  12. B

    Three Girl Party

    Mistress Aradia lets her pets, Scar, and Krissy out of their cages to play a game, her game, her rules. She orders them to touch each other all over, kissing, sucking, and licking one another. Roku - channel code...
  13. Y

    Sunday workout sweat licker: back&armits

    After an hour workout, I order the slave to sniff My sweaty T-shirt and then take it off. Now, he has to lick the sweat off My back very thoroughly, so I feel fresh and clean after the job is done. I remind him to take his time and do it slowly as I like perfection. "My back is so salty, isn't...