1. FemdomFights

    Extreme Muscle Sheila Rock Wrestling and POV

    If you're a fan of extreme female muscle and mixed wrestling, you'll want to see this video we just found of the incredible FBB Sheila Rock. Screenshots and preview on -
  2. H

    Dominated By Her Muscular Legs

    Dominated By Her Legs Pro Scissors Workout 5 Final Jennifer's victim is begging for mercy and for the pain to end, as she squeezes him relentlessly with her powerful legs. Watch her strong thigh muscles ripple as they turn this guy's face purple, while he whimpers in submission. His face...
  3. M

    ath322 Black Alien (Athena2)

    A mysterious woman all black dressed bursts into Edward's dream. Free preview & full video
  4. M

    ath298 - The forgotten code (Brigita Brezovac)

    Free preview and more pics on "Suffering" may be a better title for this great video with Brigita Brezovac,strong and powerful bodybuilder from Slovenia. You will see Brigita enjoying herself dominating poor Wedge, applying with no mercy terrific scissors, figures4...
  5. M

    ath319 Big Tina (Athena2)

    ath319 Big Tinah (Athena2) Little Tony (50kg) has the stupid idea to bring a parrot to his girlfriend. She will explain him her own way that it's not only a bad idea but it's a good reason to submit him and make him suffer.. As usual Big Tinah is just BIG, with her enormous quads, huge back...
  6. M

    ath286 The businessman (Jana Linke)

    A new fantasy story with Wedge and Jana. In this video, you will see Jana topless for the first time, in exclusivity ! - Exciting and deep breast smotherings - Powerful scissors and figures-4 - sensuality - domination - excitation and fear... this is the program. More pics and preview...
  7. M

    ath184 The Expert and Roxy Rain ( Athen2 Free Clip )

    Athena2 video with gorgeous and sensual bodybuilder Roxy Rain. Free Clip : Full video : Athena2 web site :
  8. M

    ath244 Ripped Princess's Facesitting - Athena2 video

    Facesittings extracted from Athena2 video ath244 with Ripped Princess (Jana Linke-Sippl), the today most powerfull europeen bodybuilder. Free clip : Full video on
  9. M

    ath244 Domination by Ripped Princess ( Athena2 )

    A new video with fabulous Jana Linke dominating small Wedge, a guy who loves bodybuilders. See free preview Full video on
  10. M

    Athena2 free preview with Larissa Reis

    This little indian guy just got Larissa's job, because, he says, he speaks better english than her ! She's furious and jumps on him "When I'm finished with you, you won't speak at all !". But, maybe he's not in such a bad situation, because Larissa, waow, she's gorgeous... See by yourself in the...