boot licking

  1. Madison1982

    Payne Mansion Ch. 03

    The following story is sadistic fiction, and in no way depicts actual events. It contains descriptions of cruelty and torture against an unwilling vulnerable male victim. All characters are clearly depicted as being over the age of 18. In real life, keep it safe, sane, and consensual. - She...
  2. Alesya20

    Goddess Betty humiliates the loser after the gym Goddess Betty humiliates the loser after the gym Betty humiliates the domestic slave using sweaty smelly feet. The lady spits in his face, makes him sniff her sweaty dirty socks that she has been wearing for a...
  3. NatalyaSadici

    Emphatic Boot Worship

    The following video is now available for purchase at Emphatic Boot Worship Greeting protocol is one kiss on the top of each boot. My rubber gimp has forgotten this. I use the heel of My right thigh high boot to press the large butt plug in...
  4. AATBxxx


    BOOT DOMINATION - SLAVE TRAINING - BOOT WORSHIP - BOOT FETISH - FEMALE DOMINATION Desiring to be underneath my boots? Eager to serve? This video perhaps will make you think twice... MISSROPER.COM He desires to serve, but hasn't the slightest clue of what I have in store for him. Fucking his...
  5. MadameMarissa

    Pathetic loser eats from our dirty boots

    Oh my god - I originally wanted to leave this loser to Madison alone - while I film her humiliating the slave. But as I watch them I just can't resist - I have to get into the scene and take care of the loser as well. We throw some food for him on the floor, garnish it with tons of our spit and...
  6. MadameMarissa

    Slave has to lick muddy hunter boots

    With all the rain lately the forest trails are completely muddy - and my red hunter boots get muddy as I walk through the mud and puddles. And maybe I made them a little dirtier on purpose ;-) I ordered the slave to wait for me at the car and immediately push him down on his knees - so he can...
  7. S

    Outdoor Bootworship EMPRESS VICTORIA

    new clip online on WWW.SADO-LADIES.COM today we have the next clip starring elegant and arrogant blonde mistress empress victoria. we shot this in the garden and her butler slave is on a leash and is...
  8. slavepj1963

    New Movie-Madame Catarina - Bootlicker the Muddy Pony

    A must see movie for fans of Pet Play, bootlicking and trampling The entire movie is now available to download at C4S
  9. highboots

    Under Her Boots

    Mistress Venus goes to the kitchen with her slave on a leash. He makes a footboard there and Mistress steps on him to get at shelf. During the selection of some tea she stands on him in black boots. Then she makes a tea using her slave as a seat. After that his duty is worship her boots. In the...
  10. highboots

    Licking of Her Boots

    Mistress Venus comes home and shouts at her slave to clean her black boots. During the cleaning she must instruct him in licking them correctly. Obviously he has to suck heels of her boots too.
  11. highboots

    Mistress Venus Trains Bootslave

    A slave cleans the boots of his Mistress. After a while Mistress Venus comes to the room to check the work of her slave. He has to bring her the boots on all fours without looking at her. He may only look at her with her permission. She teases him with her leather boots and enjoys his...
  12. highboots

    Slave for Booted Girl

    Cute Rebecca steps on chair using her slave as doormat and he has to kiss and lick her shiny rubber boots. Later she takes a seat on sofa, puts her awesome legs on the backrest of the chair and orders her slave to lick soles of her boots. After hard work of his tongue she lies down on the sofa...
  13. A

    Punishment beating

    Punishment Beating and Boot Worship up on Strict Bitches now with sadistic blonde Mistress.
  14. M

    Worship Goddess Selena-Boot licker

    My little boot licker. *Selena*
  15. E

    Forced to be My Foot Slave - Clip & Trailer

    If he wants to be my slave he had better learn to real quick how to shine my boots. I am horrified and more than a bit angry about the state of my favorite leather boots. I force him to lick every inch of my boots. I even shove his his head down on the tip of the toe to make him deep throat it...
  16. E

    Worshipping My Leather Boots

    In my throne wearing a snakeskin dress and thigh high leather boots with a gorgeous heel in need of a good tongue bath. This lucky slave is on the floor in front of me ready to worship, kiss and lick My high-heeled boots just as I direct him. Now available from Elena De Luca Productions!
  17. E

    Nasty Foot Slave Pt. 1: Combat Boots

    I have been wearing these combat boots all day. All over the city. In the mud and the rain. I am gonna force this slave to lick every inch of my boots clean. Starting w/ the bottom! When he's done w/ that just wait to see what i have in-store for him! Now available from Elena De Luca Productions!
  18. E

    Thigh High PVC Boot Worship &

    Thigh High PVC Boot Worship These new boots need some serious attention. This lucky slave has been just dying to get his mouth all over them. Ms. Elena makes him start at the heels and work all the way up to her thigh. See the trailer on my blog! Check out this new clip and others in...
  19. F

    Who is the Boss ?

    I will show you who the boss is here !
  20. F

    Boots licking

    Do you like this? Boots licking and a Trampling ?