boot trampling

  1. Furetto

    Four Shades of Trampling (Barefeet, Slippers, Socks and Heavy Boots Trampling)

    Video available at Trampling has many shades. How many body parts can be trampled with greater enjoyment and pain? Several ones! Are trampling games necessarily connected to notions of submission/domination roles? Not in all cases...
  2. MadameMarissa

    Sore slave trampled once again

    The slave was already pretty bruised and sore that day - but I wanted to do a last trampling video with him. He immediately screams in pain when I step on his naked chest with my sexy boots. And continues to scream and whine as I continue to trample him! I know he can't really take it anymore -...
  3. MadameMarissa

    Brutal MUDDY BOOTS trampling and spitting

    My hiking boots are still extremely dirty from my last hike. I start trampling the slave wearing a white shirt - which turns more and more brown with every step I take on his body. While I viciously trample him I also spit all over his face again and again - until it's completely covered in my...
  4. GoddessNatasha

    Goddess uses Her cockbox

    Stills from My video Goddess Uses Her Cockbox. I especially enjoyed using My long natural nails on slave’s cock and balls as I explain what is in store for him! Preview the Video Wickedly Goddess Natasha My Personal Web Site Goddess Natasha’s Bondage Emporium Blog
  5. highboots

    Trampling in Bed

    After a rest Rebecca gets bored, so she comes to the room where her guy sleeps. She is upset that he doesn´t pay attention to her, so she decides to give him a trampling lesson. She steps on the bed and starts to trample him in her rubber boots. She tramples the whole his body. Then she kicks...
  6. MadameMarissa

    My first hand trampling video - and it's a BRUTAL one ;-)

    My slave really thought I wouldn’t notice that he took a smoothie out of my fridge without asking for permission! Well, I’ll show him how I’m dealing with thieves! I ordered him to put his hands on a metal gutter and lined up some of my shoes next to it – then I start to walk over his hands –...
  7. highboots

    Trampling in Rubber Boots

    Rebecca comes to the room, sits down, puts her legs in black rubber boots on the table and reads a magazine. When her slave appears there, she orders him to clean her boots, so he starts to clean them with his tongue. Later she knocks him down and tramples him in her rubber boots...
  8. M

    Worship Goddess Selena-Boot Worship & Trample

    It's boot cleaning time! I get a little distracted while enjoying grinding the heels of my boots into my slave’s nipples and trampling his cock and balls. Slave says, "I aim to please." I reply, "I aim to Tease." *Selena*
  9. E

    Say Goodbye to My Boots Trample

    Summer is here and and it's time trade out the boots for flats and sandals. I want to make sure these tall leather beauties get a good send-off. I walk all over my slave trampling his entire body before forcing him to clean the very shoes crushing him. He is even forced to kiss and thank them...
  10. T

    Blonde Gothic Mistress Trample

    This is one of the favorite Mistress I worked with...Lady Francesca ] By the way I forget to mention on my last post that the video with Lady Jenny wearing ridding boots can be found here:
  11. F

    Who is the Boss ?

    I will show you who the boss is here !
  12. F

    Lick my Boots !

    Begin, immediately ! POV_Katja_Boots.mp4 - 29.5 Mb
  13. F

    Doreen finishes you !

    You will obey my orders !
  14. F

    Face floor

    Clean our boots with your tongue !
  15. M

    Foot and trample fetish pics

    A few pics to Share for my Foot lovers and trample sluts "These heels were made for walking, and that's just what I will do- Walk all over you. "
  16. M

    Boot Trampling Footslave Nate

    I'm planning a footslave party with my other mistress girlfriends and I needed to make a few phone calls. Unfortunately, I had a this footslave still at my house and under my feet constantly. I figured I could just amuse myself while standing on him and jumping on him while I make my calls.