boot worship

  1. NatalyaSadici

    Chaste Boot Worship

    The following video is now available for purchase at Sadici Studios Chaste Boot Worship It's been a while since this slave has served Me. Kept under firm lock and key, I have this chaste slave show his enthusiasm for servitude by worshipping My boots. As I relax close up shots reveal not only...
  2. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Boot Brain

    BOOT BRAIN My leather boots make you weak and at My mercy. I could tell you to take your own ear off and eat it, and you would do it under the spell of these boots. Boot licker. Sole sucker. All for Me. All for Goddess. Listen to the leather scrunch and squeak. Start jerking. I see what...
  3. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Welcome to Slavery

    WELCOME TO SLAVERY you will be My new slave. What does that entail? I will tell you. From your entrance to your existence, from bottom to top. I will make you understand the definition of "servitude." I will go over your expected tasks and possible rewards for service. My kudos will come...
  4. NatalyaSadici

    Emphatic Boot Worship

    The following video is now available for purchase at Emphatic Boot Worship Greeting protocol is one kiss on the top of each boot. My rubber gimp has forgotten this. I use the heel of My right thigh high boot to press the large butt plug in...
  5. Miles Striker

    Sexist Boss Gets Blackmailed Into Being a Cute Interns Subordinate

    Clip: GIF: This and tons more Female Domination at Plot...
  6. JulieSimone

    Femdom Thigh High Boot Worship

    Mistress Julie Simone sits on a Leather Sling and allows a slave to worship Her Thigh High Boots. Julie dazzles in a form fitting skirt with Fishnet Pantyhose, Leather Corset, Leather Military Style Hat, and Leather Opera Length Gloves. Shot at Kink Queens Studio, NYC. FEMDOM, FEMALE...
  7. NatalyaSadici

    Leather Boot Lust

    The following video is now available for purchase at Leather Boot Lust A slave must always greet Mistress Natalya Sadici properly by kissing Her boots. Though She notices his lustful glances at Her leather thigh high boots. Mistress Natalya...
  8. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Bye Bye Boots

    BYE BYE BOOTS These boots have finished their Reign as Rulers of the Thigh High Pink, and it is time to retire them. To send them off with a bang, I'm going to give them one last victim to stomp, crush, destroy, and cock-trample. Worship their beauty and their terror. Thank them for...
  9. AATBxxx


    BOOT DOMINATION - SLAVE TRAINING - BOOT WORSHIP - BOOT FETISH - FEMALE DOMINATION Desiring to be underneath my boots? Eager to serve? This video perhaps will make you think twice... MISSROPER.COM He desires to serve, but hasn't the slightest clue of what I have in store for him. Fucking his...
  10. MadameMarissa

    Slave has to lick muddy hunter boots

    With all the rain lately the forest trails are completely muddy - and my red hunter boots get muddy as I walk through the mud and puddles. And maybe I made them a little dirtier on purpose ;-) I ordered the slave to wait for me at the car and immediately push him down on his knees - so he can...
  11. dankhf - sock and boot worship

    Lots of sock and boot worship selected from site. .
  12. highboots

    Madame Needs to Lick Her Boots

    Madame Rachel commands her slave to lick her leather boots. First of all he has to lick soles of her boots. She also sticks her boots into his mouth and he has to suck them. As soon as her boots are perfectly clean she sends him to his place.
  13. highboots

    Shine My Boots

    Madame Rachel stands on step-ladder to looks for nail file. Then she takes a seat. Once she sees a guy she calls to him and orders him to shine her luxury boots. In a minute she kicks off his shoe cloth and orders him to lick her stunning boots
  14. highboots

    Slave for Winona

    Cute Winona comes to the kitchen where she makes a cup of tea and then she takes a seat on sofa with her feet in wellies on the table. Later she goes to the room where a slave lies as a footstool in front of the chair. She uses him as a step to sit down on the chair and makes the plait. Then she...
  15. highboots

    Paris in Hunter Boots

    Paris studies on sofa with her feet in Hunter wellies on the stool. Then she grooms herself in front of the mirror. Later she tells a guy to clean her boots. She stands on stool and the guy cleans them. Then she takes a seat and he has to clean her soles.
  16. highboots

    Cleaning Suede Boots

    Larisa lolls around in bed. Then she comes to make coffee. She looks for something above using step-ladder. As soon as she sights a guy sleeping she wakes him up with her boot and orders him to clean her suede boots. After that he has to bring her cup of coffee and serves her as a footstool...
  17. highboots

    Penelope's Boots

    Penelope comes to make a cup of tea. She browses her diary on the sofa. After that she notices that her brown boots would need to clean, so she rings up a boot cleaner to come to clean her boots. Finally he has to kiss her boots.
  18. highboots

    Service for Iva

    Iva comes to the mirror. She climbs a ladder to set something above. Then she lies on a sofa. When appears a guy she orders him to clean her ankle boots. After that he can kiss them. In the end he changes her boots.
  19. highboots

    Cleaning Outside

    Princess Lea comes to a shelter where she commands her boot licker to go under table. He has to clean her rubber boots with his tongue there. Later she stands up the table and the slave worships her wellies.
  20. highboots

    Boot Play

    When Angelica gets view of stunning Calvin Klein Ava rain boots she does not resist to take them with her. She puts the boots on the table and starts to fondle with them. She kisses the gorgeous boots. Then she caress with them in the bed. She takes her panties off and scrubs the boot against...