1. Alesya20

    0147 Morgana beats him with her feet. The face of the slave is red from blows and wet from saliva 0147 Morgana beats him with her feet. The face of the slave is red from blows and wet from saliva ↓↓↓ PUSH ↓↓↓ Young-princess-morgana 0147___ The new...
  2. highboots

    Cleaning for Dana

    Dana makes a coffee. She tidies up the balls by using the step-ladder. Then she relaxes on the sofa. When a guy appears Dana calls him and takes a seat on the high chair. She orders him to clean her boots, so he starts to do it obediently...
  3. M

    Don't touch the babe ! miniman crush

    Don't touch the babe ! Don't touch the babe a little comic I made. I sell the original pages on my website
  4. E

    Clean My Leather Boots - POV - Trailer

    This is the last time you ever get the opportunity to clean my boots again. I have told you to clean my leather and this is what I find? These boots should have been licked to a shine as beautiful as my corset. You are going to pay severely for this failure as a slave. This was the first clip...
  5. M

    New Clips4sale store - tickling, spanking and more!

    It’s been a long time coming, but I finally have up my Clips4sale store! I will be shooting weekly and updating daily, so if circumstances don’t allow you to see Me in person, or perhaps you just need an extra dose of Me, you can now view my store: Mistress Justine Cross -...
  6. N

    Alien vs Ninja: quick boot stomp clip

    The other day, I was looking for the 1979 Alien movie, and this came up in the search. I watched it today, and it's...weird. :think2: Anyway, there's a scene where the hot, Asian, ninja chick stomps the alien between the legs. She's wearing black riding boots. Prior to that, it has her in a...
  7. slaveandy

    Mistress Porcelain Breaking Balls

    Mistress Porcelain wants to see just how much damage she can do ballbusting slave andy. To ensure maximum damage she has decided to wear her hard platformed domme boots that are nothing short of ball crushing. She kicks him full force time after time taunting him if he wants more. When he tried...
  8. slaveandy

    BBW DarlingRikki Busts Balls in Boots

    The slave is in for hell! Get a good look at these boots that DarlingRikki is about to use on this pathetic ballbusting bitch. See those spikes? Oh yes they are about to crash right into this losers balls. After this kicking he's sure to not have any balls left...
  9. slaveandy

    Boot Fetish Ballbusting with Miss Love

    For those of you who can't get enough of blonde Miss Love busting some nuts you are in luck. She has returned to ruin Slave Andy's nuts in her knee high boots. How can such an innocent looking girl next door type be so brutal? Enjoy...