1. Jewel

    Black and hot pink platform thigh high boots crush slaves cock till he cums! gotta love the contrasts of hot pink platforms and 6 inch spiked heels on a black thigh high boot mmmm and what makes them even more special is they were a gift from a slave who im sure would love to feel their sexy soles sliding...
  2. Jewel

    Slave caught in the witches web... his cock is stomped under spiked heel witch boots unti he cums

    Witch Jewel catches a slave in her web and he wakes up strapped in her cock abuse board... dazed and confused he looks around the room trying to figure out where he is and he notices his cock is up through a hole in the floor and he is trapped... in a room full of shoes and boots... he struggles...
  3. Jewel

    sexy cowgirl boots crushing cock until he cums... he gets the sole and heel full weight these all leather boots have some really sexy designs... they also have brutal high heels and a long snip toe to cause pain and pleasure with! he gets his cock stood on under these super sexy western cowboy boots the sole and...
  4. Jewel

    vintage leather thigh high metal heel boots give a painful ball spiking cock grinding boot job vintage leather thigh high metal heel boots give a painful ball spiking cock grinding boot job that makes him squirt! this is all slave pov view and his view is pretty good... as the hard soles twist and rub his cock...
  5. P

    Do you know what you're in for tonight?

    Cum For Me Do you know what you're in for tonight? Well let me tell you. There has never been a girl more into shoejobs and bootjobs than me. These other girls might put on a good show but they can't hold a candle to the way I work a mans cock with a sexy pair of stilettos, or a delicious...
  6. P

    Boot Fucked

    Boot Fucked You weren't expecting this were you? The knock at your door, an unexpected visitor, it's all a big surprise. And I think you'll be even more surprised once you discover what's under this overcoat of mine. Or more importantly what isn't under my skirt, no bra, no...
  7. P

    Mature Blonde Bombshell in Knee-High Suede Boots

    I'm Going To Make You Cum You like blonde girls don't you? Blonde girls with long slim legs and firm hard bodies? And as the cherry on top how about if your blonde bombshell puts on some tight jeans and a pair of expensive knee high suede boots for you? Ah, now I have your attention. It was...
  8. P

    Milked With My Dirty Boots

    Milked With My Dirty Boots You know I brought an entire suitcase full of hot clothes and sexy shoes. So why are you on your back before I even have a chance to unpack or change? Why are you begging for me right here right now just the way I am? Oh I think I want these boots...
  9. P

    Rough Bootjob

    I Own Your Cock It's rare that you are lucky enough in life to find a girl like me. You see I'm as kinky as they come and when the activities of the evening involve anything to do with laying you out on your back and marching back and forth across your naked squirming body in my boots you are...
  10. W

    NEW VIDEO - My Boot Toe Up Your Ass Forces You To Cum

    VIDEO AND PREVIEWS HERE Boot fucked by Gianmarco Lorenzi thigh high boots. My boot slave is in doggy position as I tease his rock hard cock with my pointy boot toe. I trap the tip of his cock between my two boot toes and command him to hump til his cock hurts. I then position one of my boots...
  11. P

    Cum Gushing Shoejobs - by PARAPHILIA51
  12. G

    Bootjob by Lady Coco

    New!!! Bootjob by Lady Coco - Footjobs, Shoejobs & Bootjobs - CB-Trample !
  13. F


    Katja does not even wear socks in her boots yet. Katjas_Bootsjob.mp4 - 13.2 Mb
  14. F


    I love these Boots. Boot_Job.mp4 - 22.3 Mb
  15. S

    Footfetish Pic Thread

    Hi guys, lets start a hot footjob shoe- and bootjob, cock-crush and ballbusting thread. Post all your pics you have on your disc and make this a real big one! Ladies or couples who are into these games can contact me for sharing a good time. Tom :-)