boots worship

  1. lilu_hotty

    MissLiLu - The New Spanker

    Hello everyone! My name is Miss LiLu, and i am a new Mistress in Femdom world! So I would like to introduce my self today to the Spanker community, come see my new ! I am a Starter as a true domina and i hope u ll not judge me too hard, but i am sure you will enjoy the way i...
  2. R

    Thigh High Boots; Sharp as Nails! Click, click, click. The sound of the high heels on a cold tile floor, representing your impending doom. You’d better not tremble, as that will just make it worse for you...
  3. NatalyaSadici

    Training the muscle slave: spanking

    The follow clip has been added to Training the muscle slave: spanking Mistress Natalya Sadici and Mistress Michelle Lacy force Their muscle slave over a spanking bench. They make it clear he will be trained to take pain for Their pleasure this evening. The...
  4. A

    Punishment for Tardy Slave! FULL MOVIE

    Movie now up in Full on Strict Bitches!
  5. F

    The crazy secretary !

    Onto what for the ideas a secretary comes if the boss is not in the house.
  6. T

    Trample Amsterdam - un expat francais a Dam

    Salut a Tous!!! Je suis francais et je vis a Amsterdam depuis 11 ans maintenant. Cela fait 8 ans que je filme du pietinement avec Empress Tales and j ai monté mon propre site Trample Amsterdam en 2007. Je viens juste de decouvrir ce forum et ca me fait super plaisir de pouvoir faire partie de...
  7. F

    Lick my Boots !

    Begin, immediately ! POV_Katja_Boots.mp4 - 29.5 Mb
  8. F

    Doreen finishes you !

    You will obey my orders !
  9. F


    The boots first are licked fine and Lisa then tramples the type.
  10. F


    How do you find my little boots ? Do you like them ?
  11. F


    The carpet likes`s, how one can see it. :)
  12. F


    Lisa tramples her carpet to the seventh heaven.
  13. F

    Buffalo Boots Trampling

    Clean my boots,there is then a trampling.
  14. F

    Boots licking

    Do you like this? Boots licking and a Trampling ?
  15. F

    Heavy Boots

    Heavy Boots, beautiful feet, this is fun correctly.
  16. F

    Boot cleaning !

    The slave makes a fuss ? He refuses ? We then must force him to it!
  17. F

    Boots Time

    The boot time and at once the new video with Katja shot finally again.