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    The crazy secretary !

    Onto what for the ideas a secretary comes if the boss is not in the house.
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    Trample Amsterdam (sharing with community)

    Hi Everyone, I m new on this forum & I m happy to be part of the Trampling community. I produced Trampling videos for the last 8 years and I will do my best to inform you and share some of the videos I made with my Mistresses friend. I wish you all the best !! My last update: Lady Jenny, a...
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    Lick my Boots !

    Begin, immediately ! POV_Katja_Boots.mp4 - 29.5 Mb
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    Doreen finishes you !

    You will obey my orders !
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    The boots first are licked fine and Lisa then tramples the type.
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    How do you find my little boots ? Do you like them ?
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    The carpet likes`s, how one can see it. :)
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    Lisa tramples her carpet to the seventh heaven.
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    Buffalo Boots Trampling

    Clean my boots,there is then a trampling.
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    Face floor

    Clean our boots with your tongue !
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    Boot cleaning !

    The slave makes a fuss ? He refuses ? We then must force him to it!
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    Boots Time

    The boot time and at once the new video with Katja shot finally again.