1. PSarah

    Sarah Diavola - Beautiful, Dirty Bitch

    BEAUTIFUL, DIRTY BITCH Such a feminine beauty, such pristine shine on my entire being, it's hard to imagine that there's a speck of dirt on me, anywhere. But there is. Look: My feet are disgusting! Like, too filthy to be attached to my blessed frame. It's time for you to clean...
  2. PSarah

    Sock purchase

    SOCK PURCHASE I'm selling you these socks, but first I want them to be as stinky as possible. I've been keeping them in my gym sneakers so that I wear them several times to the gym. Now, I think they're about ripe enough for your face. Sweaty, stinky, divine. CLICK IMAGE FOR VIDEO!
  3. PSarah

    Sarah Diavola - Pervert Plumber

    PANTYHOSE PERVERT CUSTOM: "You just came home from a crazy dancing party and you found the water leaking at your kitchen sink and behind the washing machine when you walked in. Then you make a call to your old friend,an skillful plumber fellow Jason to come over to fix it. After that you hear...
  4. PSarah

    Sarah Diavola Owns your Balls

    Sarah Diavola Owns Your Balls This is actual footage from a real ballbusting session. Watch as I privately, one-on-one, abuse this boy's balls. First, I perch beautifully on a soft chair and kick my stocking-clad feet up against his exposed balls - which I've restrained in a convenient...
  5. D membership

    Hi, I want to join , but I want to know is there any Danni the small slaveboy clips in it because I only want to join the site to see this little poor Danni humilaited by the great amazon girls. So anyone who had join the site could tell me , please ?
  6. slaveandy

    Trample the Perv

    Dre and Paige left this pervert without his shorts after they ballbusted him. He was too ashamed to leave in such a humiliating way so he returns to try and recover his shorts. The ladies catch him once again and decide that they might give him his shorts back after the trample the hell out of...
  7. slaveandy

    Bratty Bunny Ballbusting (Free Trailer)

    You may have already seen the lovely Bratty Bunny ballbust a slave, but every Domme at one point in her wallet raping career has her first experience kicking a pair of nuts. This is it, exclusive to Crudelis Amator, Bratty Bunny's very first ballbusting session. She was so excited to plow her...
  8. E

    BALLBUSTING BRAT - Cockbiting and Ballbusting in Pigtails

    Wendy Thomas is a hot redhead ballbuster who likes humiliating and punishing perverts with small cocks by busting their balls with her cheerleader kicks! Enjoy our latest femdom ballbusting update and visit our ballbusting website at ...
  9. E

    Blonde Ballbusting Brat Sample Video - TESSA TAYLOR

    Tessa Taylor loves humiliating and destroying men's balls! Check out this ballbusting video below! Enjoy the free video and thanks for watching! :)
  10. slaveandy

    Heels of Steel (Ballbusting)

    Most shoes are made from soft materials, leather, vinyl, etc. Not these! These are steel from stem to stern and now Slave Andy is about to find out what they feel like....on his balls! Ms. Whitney Morgan kicks his nuts dead on withe the steel platform toe of the heels, causing him to yelp in...
  11. slaveandy

    Cowboy Boot CBT and Trample

    The local girls next door, Miss Love and Little Miss Candice decide to trample Slave Andy in their cowboy boots. He has trouble taking a trample in flats. This is sure to hurt. They giggle at his pain.
  12. slaveandy

    Blonde Miss Love Busts in Boots

    For those of you who can't get enough of blonde Miss Love busting some nuts you are in luck. She has returned to ruin Slave Andy's nuts in her knee high boots. How can such an innocent looking girl next door type be so brutal? Enjoy...
  13. slaveandy

    Introducing Little Miss Candice Ballbusting

    Little Miss Candice has never busted a guys balls before until her good friend Miss Love introduced her to Slave Andy. She delivers kick after kick in her black and pink converse sneakers practicing her technique. She even throws in a few nut punches. Just another innocent girl who's become...
  14. slaveandy

    Princess Lyne uses Andy as a Trampoline

    Princess Lyne has always wanted a human trampoline to compliment her workouts. Of course, Slave Andy was drafted. Now Princess Lyne has to break him in! She walks and jumps all over his pudgy body and groin. Some of the jumps were so brutal that he nearly lost his lunch. When she finally tires...