1. KyleChaos

    Chi Chi Medina Angry Facesitting Tutor -

    Chi Chi Medina is a tutor for business class teaching some of the fundamentals of business and marketing. My eyes get distracted by her tits as I gaze off. Chi Chi notices my attention deficit and tosses the books on the ground. She lays me down, stands over me, pulls up her skirt and sits on my...
  2. KyleChaos

    Vicky Vixxx Yoga Pants Facesitting

    Vicky Vixxx wants to test out just how soft her spandex yoga pants are. She invited me over to get a little feel. I agree that they definitely seem soft but Vicky starts to be a brat and tease me with her ass in my face. Grabbing me by the head and smooshing my face right into her booty...
  3. KyleChaos

    Asia Perez Bratty Facesitting - Kyle Chaos Fetish

    Asia Perez shows off her new bathing suit. She is angry and bothered her in the middle of a tweet and demands that I lay on my back. Asia Perez straddles my face and humiliates me by grinding her crotch into my face. She bounces up and down while telling me how much my face will smell like her...
  4. KyleChaos

    Blue Ember Facestting Dull Boy - Kyle Chaos Fetish

    Blue Ember Facesitting Dull Boy Blue Ember had a long day and wanted her feet to be rubbed while watching a new TV show. I lost my attention with the situation and fell asleep. Blue tries to wake me up but I won't budge. This is a perfect opportunity to straddle my face! Ms Ember grinds...
  5. M

    2 Bratty Asian Goddesses Spitting on you

    Duo Spitting Humiliation Clip! WATCH THE VIDEO TEASER ON MY BLOG: GET THE FULL VIDEO HERE: Get on your knees, where you belong, loser. That’s right. You know your place. You want to taste Our lips? Sure…but we’re doing it...
  6. S

    BUSTED by the Brattiest Foot Girl of them ALL.

    I just needed to vent a very little bit. And this is the place to do it. I won't mention names to avoid legal actions from this fucking SPEEDBUMP, but all I want to get out there is that a once associated person of My inner circle has SERVELY tried to step on My toes. Oh wait, that's right...
  7. E

    ALEXIS GRACE - Bratty Long-Legged Ballbuster

    Alexis Grace is a bratty long-legged ballbuster who smothers her pathetic boyfriend and teaches him who is in charge! Stay tuned for the free preview video and gallery, and thanks for all your emails and suggestions! Email me anytime at :)