brutal facesitting

  1. DedicatedFaceSeat

    Starting an Extreme Facesitting C4S Store - Introduction and What’s to Come

    Hello all, I have been a lurker of these forums for 10+ years (currently 25 years old) but only recently decided to take my plunge into the scene. As an avid consumer of facesitting/smother videos for many years, I have decided it is finally time to contribute something of my own to this lovely...
  2. E

    Humiliating Facesitting and Ballbusting by an Asian Goddess

    Jessica Bangkok loves facesitting and brutal ballbusting whenever she takes care of her sex-crazed clients. She utilizes the large size of her buttcheeks to smother and dominate and humiliate men! Check out more brutal facesitting and ballbusting movies at our website...