1. SadVarant

    Story idea/synopsis - Matriarchy of Eveleen

    Forward notes: I'm posting this in the scat forum due to the presence of human toilets and scat in the story, despite not being the dedicated focus. This alone makes it unsuitable to the other forums, even though 'Tales from the Dark Side' is where it really belongs. This story (which I...
  2. TheBSSG

    Special Price - Overflowing Dominance

    The Clip description sums it up perfectly, enjoy one of the most intense squashes yet :D 11:28 long, special $10 price for one of the best clips to date. The Goddess does not go easy and it shows, she is all over her plaything in this clip. Shoving his face deep in her fat ass, sitting on his...
  3. TheBSSG

    Back with a New Camera! Brutal Return!

    I made sure to make this return video a rib-popping jaw-dropping gut-busting EPIC of Brutal Supersized Squashing! Plus with this better quality camera you can see me clearer and see ALL the jiggle with it's 60fps frame rate (up from 30). Enjoy one of our best videos so far, I'm sure it was...
  4. Mistress Meltz

    Simply Bone Crushin!

    I had a wonderful time tag teaming trampling with Empress Kabani. I must say she is very brutual and has alot of fun as she tortures her slave. I enjoyed every minute of it and learned a few new techniques from the Empress herself. We had fun making this lowly slave human furniture, jumping on...
  5. F

    NEW on my Vimio: September's Stocking Face Stomping

    Ahh yeah this was a great shoot. She REALLY brought it to me this round. Face and neck was all messed up for a week... For the latest, visit Floormans Trample Adventures:
  6. JulieSimone

    Caning Felix

    Video Update : from the AVN Nominated DVD, "Felix's Audition", redhead Mistress Julie Simone delivers a vicious caning to Felix's bottom. The cruel Domme doesn't stop there, she continues to cane Felix up and down his legs until they're covered with deep beautiful welts
  7. JulieSimone

    Extreme Femdom Caning in Leather

    Blonde Dominatrix Julie Simone warms Her slave up with a shoe horn, then canes him. Julie wears leather wrist length gloves, a leather miniskirt, leather boots and a stunning red leather corset that exposes her voluptuous breasts. When She notices that his ass isn't getting marked up, She turns...
  8. TheBSSG

    1/2price session if you can take ALL of my wrath & show it

    I need a man who can take me at my hardest, I'm tired of holding back, I want to show everybody what I can really do! I've come back so much stronger and more active, I can throw my weight around as if you shot me out a cannon, and My Slave simply cannot take me. My return clip's SD & HD sales...
  9. TheBSSGSlave

    Are you ready?

    I think most of you know who I'm talking about & it's her Slave here... and I'm not ready :( I'm seriously dreading our return to filming tonight. 40mins ago she continuously buttdropped me as a test before she went to work and OMG those squats at the gym have made her ass feel heavier than a...
  10. F

    Classic FTA clip: FREE: Lana being brutal! 6:59 long

    Just an oldie I posted on my facebook fan page. It's from late 2006, no not the best quality, however GREAT action ;-)
  11. M

    The Domina Nyx Revenge Beatdown - HOT, graphic!

    Domina Nyx finally returns to exact Her revenge on this miserable excuse for a man. He thinks he is ready to face Her in the ring, but is sadly mistaken and begins his pathetic, usual whimpering before She even lays a finger on him. She is rearing to go, geared up like an Ultimate Warrior as She...
  12. T

    Really brutal femdom/lezdom paysites needed

    Hello everyone! Please, advise a couple of really brutal femdom/lezdom paysites. At Forum I found only this an old post (most violent femdom beatdown site?), but don't up it, because, I think, information is already not actual.
  13. TheBSSG

    Balance On The Slave

    Added a new video of me Crushing my slave on a hard ottoman! The best part :D The ottoman isn't properly long enough so he was outstrecthed on it as well, he felt ALL of my Brutal 400+lb Body ;) I sat on his chest, sat on his face, covered his entire torso with my Brutal Butt, covered his mouth...
  14. S

    Delilah's Legendary~ Toilet For the Day *Best seller*

    Legendary Scat Queen Delilah along with Mistress Cassandra, Goddess Suki & Mistress Vivian. Toilet is bound to bondage bed with mouth spreader attached to hold his head in place warming the toilet up with sweet golden shower juice, plus lots of funny humiliation & spit!!!! Way to go...
  15. S

    Puerto Rican Bitch Of the CONCRETE JUNGLE NYC

    Watch Me now ..
  16. D

    wanna practice your spanking on a super hot white male's butt?

    hi if any pro or amature dom wants to practice your spanking hard strokes with your hands or toys you can make my hot butt as red as you want to a very hot looking submisive white males butt i used to model underwear i am not looking to pay or get paid just practice for you and personal fun for...
  17. trampletime1969

    more pics

    here are pics of the videos i just uploaded at my clips storee
  18. Tread

    Felony Trample! Brutal!

    This video is available at Cruel Tabitha and Tori know Tread is wanted for a felony! They blackmail him into being their own personal trample slave for some incredibly sadistic and brutal trampling! Tori slaps him hard and Tabitha delivers a perfect...
  19. trampletime1969

    Free live bbw trample tonight!!!!!

    Watch the beautiful and evil SAndraDoubleDDD at 330lbs trample me tonight for free on my clip site it will be starting at 8pm Pacific time Hope to see you all on there!!!!! free cam tonight at 8pm