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    A Hard Bullwhipping

    new clip online on WWW.SADO-LADIES.COM http://www.sado-ladies.com/index.php/corporal-punishment/1453-a-hard-bullwhipping "what are you doing here?" mistress akella says as she enters the hall finding her slave relaxing. "err... its sunday, its my free time!" the slave says. "so when its...
  2. tmartinka

    Cruel Hungarian Mistress Lady Jenny - video package - F/M

    Cruel videos with Lady Jenny...bullwhipping, spanking, falaka, caning, needles, cbt, torture, corporal punishments, foot fetish etc.. http://oron.com/zwl7w697i7r2/650bullwhip-trailer.avi.htm http://oron.com/s7pdt1uqebj9/cbt-nailing_preview.avi.html...
  3. tmartinka

    Brutal Session - Lady Jenny - F/M - trailer

    Trailer from the video Brutal Session. Cruel caning...100 extremly cruel strokes, corporal whipping...100 cruel lashes with bullwhip and cruel cbt with needles...needles into testicles. bs_full_trailer.wmv http://clips4sale.com/20885 Click on images for more photos!
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    Broken By The Whip

    Lady Pascal gives a very harsh whipping to a new slave candidate... latest top seller on our clips4sale store.
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    Extreme hard bullwhip lessons

    Brandnew at our clips4sale store: Bullwhip Lessons A good slave must be able to take heavy pain for the enjoyment of his Mistress. Even she uses her bullwhip. As simply it sounds as simple it is in Lady Pascal's world. She has chained a slave to a strong post and prepares her long bullwhip...