butt crush

  1. jimmmywanng

    Goddess Allie - All Day In My Ass

    Goddess Allie wakes up and plops down with her big bum right on top of you! there's only one problem! you have been shrunk to an inch tall! she smother you in her ass before getting dressed with you trapped between her cheeks! at the end of the day when shes taking a piss she finds you! and...
  2. MissMinaBBW

    Big Bubble Buns Squeezing Little Buns Flat Butt Crushing Food Crush

    Download Big Bubble Buns Squeezing Little Buns Flat 1920x1080 HD video at my clip stores: Clips4Sale Many Vids My NEW pay site MinaLuciano.com is now LIVE! Weekly FREE live cam shows, cam show archives, blog, videos & much more when you join! Now booking fetish/face sitting sessions in...
  3. T

    Rua's Big Mouth

    RUA'S BIG MOUTH It had been a few weeks since the defeat of the Dark Signers, and peace had returned to Neo Domino City. Peace had returned. Although it was certainly busy for the four adult signers. Jack, Yusei, Crow and Aki were all very occupied these days, leaving little time for them to...
  4. MissMinaBBW

    BBW Giantess GingerBread Eat & Butt Crush

    New download my BBW Giantess GingerBread Eat & Butt Crush video at BBWFetishVideos.com & GodMotherOfAss.ManyVids.com Custom videos, custom pic sets, pre made video & picture packs, Skype shows, fan mail: GodMotherOfAss@gmail.com Come see me on live private HD webcam at Just BBW Cams...
  5. Casually Crushed

    GTS Story - Where Am I?

    Status: Written Clip Store Link: (Not available yet) Hi everyone. This is another story I wrote, meant for production. It's a short story. I'm hoping to get this one filmed soon. ---- Where Am I? A man wakes up. He can’t remember what happened last night or where he is. At first his eyes are...
  6. Casually Crushed

    GTS Short Story - Made for Video

    Status: Filmed Link: (Not available yet) This was my first story I wrote some time ago. I also wrote this intending to make it a video, so there's some direction in it. It's been filmed, but it's not yet available on the producer's clip site yet. It was originally intended for a SFX, but it...
  7. Casually Crushed

    GTS Human Furniture Series - Made for Video

    Hi everyone. I've recently started writing some GTS stories with the goal of making them videos. I write them as such, so that they sound more like direction than fully detailed stories. I've already had a few made to videos by sending them to a producer to have them film their interpretation...
  8. G

    Double Domina-BUTT DROP-Preview

    What a great way to wind down a wonderful visit with a like mind Domina. Mistress Krys breaks out the beach balls. We take turns bouncing on them until we both agreed a body beneath us taking the blows would feel better. Just when her boy thought we were done with him. Krys calls for that ass...
  9. C

    Featured Models For *ClubBreath-IV Smothernight*

    It would be great to have Mistress Destiny members with us at the smothernight on Friday, August 24th in Los Angeles! Here's more info for you.. Models List and descriptions: http://clubbreath.com/the-ladies/clubbreath4models/ Models Gallery of all the ladies that will be there...
  10. P

    Forum Fan Request: Slow Jessica Bum-crush

    Smothered Beneath My Ass My tight ass is incredibly firm with flawless creamy skin. I cant tell you how many times I've had men on their knees begging me just to look at it up close. The man in this clip even offered me a kings ransom to touch it. All I had to do to reduce him to a drooling...
  11. P

    Giantess Ass worship/Butt Crush

    Stroke It To My Ass I'm going to tower above you while you grovel and beg for your life between my legs. But don't think your fear and pathetic display of cowardice is going to be enough to entertain me. I also want you to take that laughably tiny cock of yours in you're hand and stroke it...
  12. SAS_Jack

    Cake Butt Crush HD

    Hi Guys, Got a new clip you guys might be interested in. Wasn't sure where to post this, so someone tell me if this is the wrong forum. Shay really got into this and destroyed these cakes with her big butt. Here is the blurb: Only available here: http://www.clips4sale.com/51505 Thanks Jack
  13. ausguy25

    Crushed Under Her Ass

    Princess Sweet Cherry Feet has found a tiny little man in Her house and decides to dispose of him by Crushing and smothering him under Her perfect ass!! Buy the full clip on http://www.clips4sale.com/12525 FREE PREVIEW...