butt drop

  1. Z

    As promised, the clip

    click here! 190 lbs dropping on my face, always great times!
  2. EmpressKabani

    Returning to The ATL!

    It has been an extreme amount of time since Me and Mz. BigJuicy visited Atlanta and that ends tomorrow! We will be there offering meet and greets as well as opportunities for sessions and filming for those of you who are old/new fans and for those that just feel like being brave We can be...
  3. D

    Bobby Butt Drops and Bounce

    New clips at www.DestinyBBWClips.com and www.FunWithFat.com
  4. L

    Luna lays into Matt on the board of torture.

    Filming with BMK was a ton of fun, but sometimes the seats get jealous of the other seats being used more or pushed harder. Luna didn't want Matt to feel neglected so she offers him some of the best one on one time he's ever had. Matt's special time with Luna takes place on the very unforgiving...
  5. M

    Butt Drops

    I have a new victim! :help: And Im already getting good reviews on this clip! My First Face Plant & Butt Drops Lots of hard butt drops on my new slave. Squatting on his chest I jump and extend my legs slamming my ass down hard on his face. He almost loses his breath a few times when I smother...
  6. H

    Facesitting Seattle 2008 Private Session Video

    New private session video posted! Donated by the sessioner himself, from a 2008 facesitting and buttdrop session. Facesitting, butt drops, and a few pins. Available on - http://www.sessiongirlclips.com/video/692 and - http://www.clips4sale.com/42242/
  7. TheBSSG

    The Return! Jumping Buttdrop City!!!

    Take a look at how high I can jump on my slave ;) :D all those squats I've been doing have really paid off. Bless him he really tried to be quiet in this one so that we don't get complaints from neighbours, but he just couldn't withstand my Brutal Butt landing on him so viciously and quickly...
  8. G

    Onion Booty Beat Down (POV)

    ROUND ONE! Its a pleasure to find a face that's up for the battle of my Brutal Booty. Any face that dares to Rumble with my Bubble doesn't stand a chance. My technique is Powerful and My ASS is swift when it comes to plowing the FACE beneath me. This Victim is no more competition than...
  9. F

    Another great butt drop/ facesit clip from Yuliya

    http://www.clips4sale.com/store/37080 Another great butt drop clip from Yuliya. She even does some pro wrestling moves like a pedigree, and what she calls the "Yuliya bomb" where she sticks the victims head up between her thighs and then drops down so that he is in a front facesit. She...