1. Platinum Puzzy

    New REAL farts on FattyFetishes.com

    I have been doing compilation videos for the past couple of years, collecting and putting together the short videos of actual bursts of gas from my huge ass. Some are first thing in the morning as I awake, others are on set while I am shooting, I have even have one on cams while I was in the...
  2. K

    My Boss's Super Short Skirt

    I'm sure this is completely the wrong place to put this, but here it goes. Today my boss wore a very tight, short,and revealing skirt. She usually wears wedges of some sort. They make her amazing legs even more shapely. I had several meetings where we both attended. Luckily for me we...
  3. D

    Claudia: Lap Sitting and Jiggling

    Claudia loves having her boy toy rub her fat body all over in sexy lingerie! www.FattyInc.net View *ALL* of these and a few BONUS clips for 1 low price at www.FunWithBBW.com
  4. D

    New Facesitting and Squashing

    Zorro stopped by while I was getting ready to film some new clips so I quickly pushed him down and started squashing him. I then turned around and sat on his face until he almost passes out! www.DestinyBBWClips.com www.FunWithFat.com www.FattyMansion.com www.AddictedToCurves.com
  5. brazilfeet

    New facesitting film - F/M

    Carmem Aggressive Tied Facesitting Pt.1 Hot Carmen shows in this hard movie why she is been called of the nasty Domme. Her poor slave Michael is tied on the bed totally static while she seats her big butt above her face with her heavy weight. The guy is obeyed to remain quiet while his...
  6. D

    Desiree Devine Squashes Dave

    www.FattyInc.net and www.FunWithBBW.com Desiree Devine Squashes Dave Lunar Eve:Belly Smother and Face Fart Lunar Eve: Breathe In; Breathe Out
  7. Platinum Puzzy

    Kari's Fart Fest!

    It's been a while since I posted here but have created a ton of fart clips since my last post! I have been living inside of a 24hr live voyeur house which has everything I do being watched at all times! BBWCAMHOUSE.com My latest is from my new GoPro which I took in the shower with me while...
  8. EmpressKabani

    EmpressKabani PSA on two years

    Hello Fans Old and New, I know many of you have wondered where I have been. Or, if you have seen Me or heard anything about Me it may not have been too positive. Well, I am going to take the time to dispell the mis-information. I have been ill. Upon being sick, like anyone else I fell on hard...
  9. D

    Pics Galore

    New photo update in the members area at www.DestinyBBW.com
  10. D

    ClaudiaBBW Weigh and Measure

    Claudia weighs in to find out exactly how much she weighs. She knows she has gained weight since she was last weighed...find out how much she has gained in this clip and then she takes her measurements for you!View *ALL* of these and a few BONUS clips for 1 low price at www.FunWithBBW.com...
  11. D

    Your big fat barbie doll

    I've posted some new clips over at www.PrincessDestiny.net that I know you are going to just love;)
  12. D

    Kiss Me!

    I wore this outfit over a year ago... see how it fits now, a year later with an added almost hundred pounds! See all the different angles of my gigantic body jiggling in the sunlight. Watch the cellulite and my rolls shimmy and shake and bounce with every movement! www.PrincessDestiny.net
  13. B

    Aftermath Chapter 7: Companion Part II [A post apocalyptic facesitting novel]

    Part I : http://www.mistressdestiny.com/forums/showthread.php?t=412686 _____________________________________________________________ Aftermath Chapter 7: Companion Part II Lily was happy. She had woken up that day expecting yet another bout of rain and boredom and yet she now...
  14. B

    Aftermath Chapter 7: Companion, Part I [A post-apocalytic facesitting novel]

    Previous Chapters: Chapter 1: http://www.mistressdestiny.com/forums/showthread.php?t=394629 Chapter 2: http://www.mistressdestiny.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1500870 Chapter 3: http://www.mistressdestiny.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1503116 Chapter 4...
  15. D

    Getting so much fatter-Photo update

    I have posted a new photo update at www.DestinyBBW.com You can also find new clips at www.DestinyBBWClips.com www.DesiresDirtyDeeds.com www.FattyInc.net www.FattyMansion.com www.AddictedToCurves.com www.PrincessDestiny.net If you have any requests, please send them to me :eat1:
  16. D

    Some of the latest...

    clips posted for sale at www.FattyMansion.com www.DesiresDirtyDeeds.com www.DestinyBBWClips.com www.FattyInc.net
  17. D

    Pay for my new clothes

    Find these new clips at www.DestinyBBWClips.com and www.FunWithFat.com Find these clips at www.DesiresDirtyDeeds.com Find these clips at www.PrincessDestiny.net And you can find them all at www.FattyMansion.com
  18. D

    Hardcore Face Humping

    Find this and more at www.FattyMansion.com
  19. D

    Hardcore Face Humping

    Major hardcore face humping. He can hardly catch his breathe once I am done with his face! Find this and more at www.DestinyBBWClips.com www.FunWithFat.com and www.FattyMansion.com
  20. D

    Butt Drops

    New video posted at www.DestinyBBW.com