1. jimmmywanng

    Giantess Allie Destroys a Ginger Bread House!

    You are hiding in your little ginger bread house when Giantess Allie comes to your door! she looks in the window laughing at you before slamming her big ass down on top of your home! she smashes OVER AND OVER and then picks the pieces off her booty...
  2. SAS_Jack

    Big Ass Smash - Emma Butt (Sitandsmother.com)

    Hi guys, Big titted amazon Emma Butt stars in our latest update on Sitandsmother.com. We really let her loose on her poor slave. Lots of chest, throat and face bouncing, as she crushes him with her huge frame (those tits weigh a ton by themselves). Lots of facesitting and smothering including...
  3. P

    Oops...I Shrunk my Shrink

    Oops...I Shrunk my Shrink If you know me than you it will come as no surprise to you that I have a bit of a short fuse. And on occasion I find myself in trouble with with the authorities after letting my temper get the best of me in public. That's how I found myself sitting in a psychiatrist...
  4. M

    2 NEW SFX Videos-Cruel Crush Compilation SFX Cruel Foot Crush

    Thanks to the help of two tiny slaves here are two of my latest SFX Clips. Cruel but oh so fun! Enjoy! Giantess Dee Lick Your Way To My Feet Foot Slave SFX http://www.clips4sale.com/46402/6275637 My Tiny Foot Slave will do anything to worship and lick my feet. Especially with a view of...
  5. P

    Giantess ass worship, shrunk man, buttcrush

    Taunted and Crushed My ass is hungry...it needs to be continually worshiped, and constantly fed. Yes that right, you heard me correctly, my beautiful ass needs to feed. In fact I can go through dozens of shrunken men a week just to satisfy its appetite. The amusing and somewhat astounding thing...
  6. SAS_Jack

    Mellie's Giant Buttcrush HD

    Voluptous Giantess Mellie explains what would happen if you were the size of her teddy and got lost in her buttcheeks when she sat on you! "You are so small and insignificant aren't you?" she says whilst positioning her butt over the teddys tiny body. She gives it a good squashing before...
  7. P

    Prolonged torturous buttcrush

  8. SAS_Jack

    Teddy Squash HD

    Teddy Squash HD Pt 1 Mean Shay is ready to squash, crush and smother her poor helpless teddy bear. She is wearing some some black spandex leggings as you see her big butt come crashing down over and over again on his helpless body and face. Lots...
  9. P

    Shrunken Predator Ass Crush - Preview

    As a sexy young girl living alone some men out there think I'm an easy target. This was no random attack. This sexual predator was most likely stalking me for weeks just waiting for the perfect opportunity to break in and savagely and violently fuck my tight little ass. So when he peeped in my...
  10. P

    Okay mister undrneath1 buttcrush lover...

    Me and Jennifer took your constructive suggestions into account when we made our latest buttcrush creation. And if you don't think this one is the cats meow then you're gay ;) http://www.clips4sale.com/47639
  11. S

    Tiny little men gets Butt Crushed by Sarahs BIG Butt

    Watch me, the famous BIG BUTT Giantess crushing three little men using my BIG FAT BUTT. They stood no chance against me! Very nice point of view, close-up, imagine yourself being the little guys!!! 1280x720p HQ Videoclip xvid BUTTCRUSH GIANTESS CRUSH Find more hot FAT BUTT CRUSHING STUFF here
  12. S

    Sarah BIG BUTT + Strap on ButtCrush Facesitting

    hi@all, this is my latest release, a very interesting scenario. Me, the BIG BUTT Dominatrix, my male dollguy, my strap-on, my FAT BUTT :) They all meet here. Watch how much fun I had to torture him, using my full weight to smother him, sat on his chest, his face, filled every hole of him with...
  13. S

    BIG BUTT Girl Buttcrushes little car

    Hi, my latest video shows me, fully nude sitting on my glass-table. I crush little objects like that tiny red sports car under my huge nude buttocks. I also do a lot of butt-clenching as requested by fans :) Really nice view!! 1280x720 HQ Clip!
  14. S

    Big Butt Sarah tramples and crushes little toystuff

    This nice clip shows me with my new shoes, really high heels! I spontaneously decided I might to crush some of my little collectables. So I throw them on the floor and stomped on them.. See what happens when Giantess Sarah visits little toyworld :realfunny:
  15. S

    Giantess Sarah Big Butt fancy sportscar crush

    My latest update-clip shows me crushing some fancy sportscars like Ferrari, Lamborghini. I crushed them using my feet and also my butt. See how damaged they were after that crush-session. Giantess Sarah stroke again :)
  16. S

    Balloon Crush/Popping using my BIG BUTT

    Hi, don't find the appropriate category to post that thread, so I try it here Maybe someone likes it anyway :thumbsup2: This funny clip shows me, facing a whole tub full with balloons, all of them ready to get popped by/under my big butt. Pretty funny and really loud, the tub amplifyies the...
  17. S

    SarahBigButt - wears zentai, buttcrushes little doll

    Hi, this clip shows me, wearing my golden skin-tight Zentai body suit. Some fans asked me to do a new doll crush clip while wearing that Zentai suit, so here's the result. I used a sweet, innocent doll, wearing sleepers. All that butt-crush has its outcome: the face of the little doll was pretty...
  18. S

    Butt Crushing little tomatoes

    hi, I hope this is the correct place to post stuff about food crush :eyebrows: Anyway, I decided to buttcrush some tomatoes recently, the result was a funny five minute clip, pretty messy session I can tell :pbbbbblt:
  19. S

    Sarah BIG BUTT right in YOUR FACE!!

    sarah Big Butts - facesitting, tight spandex hi, this is me, Sarah, this time I decided to choose a new angle for the camera, directly below the head of my poor slave... Gives the whole set a new dimension ;) Slave had to suffer under my full weight,could barely breath under my BIG ASS ;) I...