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    Bbw Facesitters in Alberta Canada

    Hey was just wondering if anyone know of any bbw's that do facesitting sessions in Alberta Canada!
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    BBW facesitting Preview

    Here's the link My name is Dayna, 260 pounds, just had my first facesitting session here in Toronto, and it was amazing. Book a session with me and get filmed for no extra charge!! Respond for more details! Wanna see more, let me know!! And I...
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    Tanya (Name & Address deleted) - Original cake farter

    Post & Pic deleted. WTF do you think you are doing....?!? You use MDFF to not only publicly post a photo & the personal name, and home address, of what you claim to be your ex-g/f - but, you do it a SECOND time, after her personal details were originally deleted, from your original post...
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    Beheading in Canada by a Non Muslim

    and I thought Canada was a safe place *sigh* Friends are describing the victim of a gruesome killing aboard a Winnipeg-bound Greyhound bus as a bubbly young man who was returning home from working at a carnival in Edmonton. Police have not confirmed the identity of the man...