1. R

    Under cars, but no crush

    I wanted to offer a less common perspective on car crushing. The fetishes of cars and crushing go hand in hand. Most experiences/fantasies focus on the tires, the kilograms, being crushed, and getting physically mangled. While I understand the appeal, those things are personally too extreme...
  2. highboots

    Boot Licking in Car

    Magdalene comes in rubber boots to the car. She steps to a puddle and tells a slave that her boots need cleaning. Inside he has to clean her shiny boots with his tongue, mainly lick the soles of the rubber boots. She sticks the boots into his mouth too. In the end he is ordered to take her boots...
  3. S

    Giantess Princess Barefoot Police Car CRUSH!

    Hahaha I'm the BIG bad GIANTESS PRINCESS and I've GROWN out of the police brigades cuffs and restraints...there's NO jail BIG enough to hold ME down now! One stupid little puny police cop car comes MY way and tries to keep ME at bay...he may have found MY hideout, but he won't be going too...