ceara lynch

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    Tales from the Dark-er side w/ Ceara Lynch

    . What is it about my legs in nylons that gives me such power over you? Bhwhahah -- I doubt you understand it yourself. The effect of my leggings on the mind of most males is like -- well, it's pretty much a chemical reaction. A mathematical equation. Inevitable. -- Ceara Lynch...
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    Ceara Lynch & Meggerz Exploit Your Foot Fetish

    Groveling foot boy. Look at Our silky smooth pantyhose we're wearing just to exploit your fetish. We always get what We want with a little tease... Crawl a little closer and take a good at look where you belong. Below Our feet. Stick out that tongue and clean that grime off the bottoms of Our...
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    Guess who has a NEW Members Site??

    That's right Losers! The infamous Team Tease now has a member's site! http://www.teamtease.com Only $39 a month? Too good to be true right? Join the Team right now suckers!!!
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    Ceara Lynch with the last words you'll ever hear

    . In a perfect world, the last words will hear will be the ineluctable Ceara Lynch, sending you into oblivion and saying.... ... saying what? If you've a bent for captions, you're cordially invited to join our femme fatale caption collaboration -- With some free eye candy at the...