chastity device

  1. NatalyaSadici

    Unlocked & Shorn 2

    The following video is now available for purchase at Sadici Studios Unlocked & Shorn 2 Happy Locktober! Well, it may not be so "happy" for some slaves. I gave slave a specific instructions. After having his body hair removed he was to keep himself cleanly shaven at all times. The other day I...
  2. AATBxxx

    Locked, Shocked; Suffer

    New today on MISSROPER.COM. features: female domination, chastity, electric play, ball slapping, tease & denial. This little bitch doesn't have the slightest clue whats in store for him when he begs me to lock him in chastity, keys mine for the taking. I plan on making him regret his...
  3. Fetishexhibit


    Hello I just wanted to know if anyone would like to share there opinions on chastity? Male or Female. I will say I have a couple that I have tried out and it took forever to find one that actually fit. I have been locked up in some of the videos that I film. I have also read stories of men...
  4. NatalyaSadici

    Chastity Assignments: The Lockup

    The following video is now available for purchase at Chastity Assignments: The Lockup This is the first day of the rest of your life, slave. All of that furious fapping leaves you drained, lacking energy, and unfocused on...
  5. AATBxxx

    Teased, Under Lock & Key By Miss Roper

    MISSROPER.COM presents, "Teased, Under Lock & Key By Miss Roper". Featuring: Slave Fluffy. Video themes: tease & denial, chastity, straitjacket bondage, latex, ball slapping/ball smacking, ball squeezing, & overall female domination. Video Description: Held captive in a restive posey...
  6. NatalyaSadici

    Another Locked cock

    The following video is now available for purchase at Another Locked cock A new slave wants to serve Mistress Natalya Sadici. It's always Her rules and on Her conditions. The nervous slave mistakenly thinks Mistress...
  7. donatien

    Encaged : lick my pussy, drink my piss..and suffer for me

    I’m your cruel sado bitch After about a week in chastity with no sexual release Mistress SAINT ANGE loves to tease and torment her slave. Seeing her slave’s cock expand and stretch the chastity device down his shaft, but no escape options possible gives her a sense of power and control. Then...
  8. lilu_hotty

    Forced transvestite Femdom HandJob - he eats own sperm

    Hello It`s me - Lilu, i would like to give you a pic preview of my latest HandJob scene... I Force my stranger to wear a slutty pantyhose and a chastity device! You will see hard spanking , Ballbusting, Handjob with a leather gloves, and at the end he will lick his own sperm off my hessian...
  9. donatien

    Un encagé aux services de Saint Ange

    la nuit, un homme en cage se fait arracher les couilles lors des érections fréquentes, mais en journée il doit affronter bien pire, les envies de son "encageuse" lol
  10. G

    New Chastity Stiletto Heel Torture! clip.

    Hi, Do you like sexy Heels? Do you like caged cocks? Then cum see my hot and sexy new clip: "Chastity Stiletto Heel Torture" watch as I abuse my slave's cock while in chastity. I penetrate his pee-hole (urethra) with my heel through the chastity device. And after I abuse his balls and cock I...
  11. G

    Goddess Venus New Site & Chastity Clips!!

    Hello, this is Goddess Venus your Foot Goddess! Wanted to let you all know about my new HOT Clips with Bondage Devices like the Chastity Cock Cage and the Lock Down Cock & Balls Metal Ring. Plus, Cum see My Sexy Girlfriends & I Double Trample My slave without Mercy! Also, i open another...
  12. L

    Miss Nyssa Nevers and Mistress Alegria Dominate a sissy maid

    Clips 1, 2, and 3 from "Miss Nyssa's Sissy Maid" are now up on Miss Nyssa Nevers and her sissy visits Mistress Alegria for Tea. The sissy serves tea, but performs poorly so she is put into chastity and humiliated. She is bent over a bench and tormented, then...
  13. B

    My New Girlfriends' Rules. Chapter 4 "Initiation"

    My New Girlfriends’ Rules. Chapter 4 “Initiation” Some months later, Nicola told me how much of a turning point this night had been for her. How, after leaving me in the kitchen to clean up after dinner, and returning to our bedroom, she had laid back and drifted over all the delicious...
  14. donatien

    Ballbusting with e.t.

    Meeting explosive, feet are crashed on ridiculous balls of Extra Terrestrial, he is a Nullo, she castrates, to avoid a "contamination spermatozoidienne" and save the earth, the truth is here !
  15. MistressRouge

    OWK slave UK Session Visit - Part Two Leather Harness & Chastity Application.

    Added to my clipstore, with free 10 second preview :) OWK slave Uk Session Visit - Part Two - Leather Harness and Leather Chastity Harness Application, Mistress Roug'e presents a great series, featuring an OWK slave Mistress filmed with, on her visit to the OWK this October.slave j decided...