1. BBW Mistress Victoria

    I have another update But it is (Off topic kinda still BBW) ForcedFarting

    so go here
  2. BBW Mistress Victoria

    They Crushed Coke Cans On His Chest!

    Mistress Victoria, Mistress Christine and Mistress Angie star in this Can crushing clip! The Girls Found an man so besotted with doing things for them to please them, that he is willing to allow them to crush cans on his chest! So the Gals take turns doing just that with their bare feet! I...
  3. K

    How about a little chest sitting?

    So you think you can handle me sitting on you with all my weight, eh? Maybe even more than my full weight, you think? Well, we will see how long before you are begging me to get off you! Lie on the bench and try to relax. Okay! Now I’m just gonna straddle your body with my back to you first...