1. Jewel

    all these toys and nobody wants to play with me :( lol
  2. heelcushion

    On the field

    Hi All, Been a lurker for a long time, so its probably time to share a story or two. I was once walked on by a lady in cleats so I really have a thing for them. See what you think. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I reluctantly agreed to play a...
  3. S

    Tread's GROIN Trample in CLEATS

    Yep, I got Tread in cleats, on the belly and the groin...stomping hard and not stopping...actually those grunts and little groans coming from him beneath Me had Me wanting to kick him while he was really DOWN! Bwhahaha Free preview HERE...
  4. S

    Cleat Cutie Stomach & Groin Trample w/ Tread!

    Hahaha this is how I break in My new cleats...warming up on My floorboy and leaving My treadmarks on the one and only tread! Oh what fun... Free Preview Here: Purchase the clip here:
  5. I

    Cleats Trample or Worship?????

    Any one have pics of girls in cleats? Espically girls trampling guys (or other girls :) ) or having thier cleats worshiped. I always found girls in cleats hot! -INEEDMOAR