1. Closet Fetishist

    Looking to Start a Fart Domination Clip Store

    So I've been writing fart torture stories for about ten years and I've been a filmmaker for also about ten years so I wanted to combine those elements to try to make a unique, fart fetish clip store with a greater focus on more cinematic camera work and storytelling. I've been working on...
  2. S

    Clip4sale with Paypal

    Hey, I'm offering my service to those who would like to purchase videos from Clip4sale through Paypal. You can send me the amount for the video plus add 2.50$ for my service per video, write the video title, and i'll purchase it and send you the link right away, and won't share the link with...
  3. KyleChaos

    Belle Douleur - Ball Busting Titty Smother

    Belle Douleur is a curvy and chesty nursing student who wanted to shoot a few clips with me. She was going through a rough breakup so I told her to take out some man rage. FULL CLIP HERE
  4. G

    Mistress SharinaNicole

    qualcuno ha notizie del perchè Mistress Sharina non aggiorni più da oltre 1 anno il suo store(12615) su Someone knows what's happened with MsSharinaNicole's store (12615) on Her last update was on August 2009...