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    Tinder Trampling in Cincinnati

    I met a girl on Tinder and arranged a trampling session for this Wednesday in Cincinnati. When I lived in Detroit I mainly used seeking arrangements to find girls for trampling, but in Ohio SA is not as active. This will be my first time setting it up through Tinder.
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    Seeking Arrangement

    Hi, I wanted to share with anyone looking to be trampled a great way to find young cute girls to do it. The site is for "sugar daddies", but is full of college girls that will do pretty much anything for $. In my experience you can get an 18-20 year old to do an hour session for 100-150. I live...
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    College Co-ed Ballbusting in Pigtails

    Ginger is a ballbusting bitch in pigtails who loves abusing perverts in the classroom! This ballbusting college girl does some cruel cockbiting and ballbusting. Thanks for all your emails and video suggestions. Feel free to email me anytime at, and...