1. C

    ***Secretary Submission***

    This male secretary dares to show up for his monthly review against his boss's protocol. In order to redeem himself and keep his chances for promotion, he'll have to suffer through some belting and spanking. See video here.
  2. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Is This Charmed One In Trouble Again!

    Valerie is a Sexy, Good, Witch, shown here fighting a Demon. Oops has he captured her mind, forcing her to strip for him? Who will save Her Now? See the rest of this 83 photo set! Just a little something sexy for those who like to see big gals in bondage as well as being in control! Bet you...
  3. J

    You'll Talk When We Make You Cum

    You'll Talk When You Cum Post Orgasm Torture Never Fails Agent Fox and Officer Rose are still trying to get the location of the lab from the inmate when conventional tactics fail. Tickle torture alone won't make him talk so Agent Fox tries coaxing it out of him by teasing him with her huge...